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Re: Pentagon linked to shaming attack on RMS

From: Federico Leva (Nemo)
Subject: Re: Pentagon linked to shaming attack on RMS
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2021 16:58:19 +0300
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I agree it's unlikely that someone at the Pentagon would have interest in arranging any of this, but we've seen weirder things happen, e.g. at the Open Technology Fund. USDS has hired many hackers and has been loud about it.

I believe a former president explained in a recent book of theirs what the idea was. Cf.

Il 03/04/21 05:17, Jacob Bachmeyer ha scritto:
I do not know how familiar you are with ongoing political controversies in the USA, but there has been considerable controversy over claims of politicizing the civil service

For this reason, while it's probably unwise to ask any USA federal authority whether they know about certain actions by one of their employees/whatever ostensibly conducted in their private time, it might be fair game to file FOIA requests to find out whether there was any unseemly coordination or use of government resources. I don't know about precedents in USA but we regularly have to do this in the EU because the European Commission constantly conspires with copyright industry lobbies:

Ideally evidence would be collected *before* launching accusations against people. Also, MIT was also largely funded by the Pentagon for a long while, so if we start a tally of how many GNU or Debian contributors lived under Pentagon-paid roofs the exercise might get tedious fast.


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