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Re: [Gnucap-devel] Feedback needed, especially non-Linux

From: David Fang
Subject: Re: [Gnucap-devel] Feedback needed, especially non-Linux
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 19:06:26 -0500 (EST)

On Thu, 22 Feb 2007, al davis wrote:

> On Thursday 22 February 2007 17:10, David Fang wrote:
> > % ./gnucap
> > incorrect link order
> > Abort
> That tells me all I need to know.  There is code to check for a
> known problem and notify of it.
> Try this:
> Option #1 ...
> Change the order in which the files are listed.
> Put "" first instead of last.
> Now does it work?

Editing the makefile, the final link command is now:
g++  -g -O2  -rdynamic -o gnucap   globals.o d_bjt.o d_mos1.o d_mos2.o
d_mos3.o d_mos4.o d_mos5.o d_mos6.o d_mos7.o d_mos8.o d_mos123.o
d_mos_base.o d_mos.o d_diode.o  d_admit.o d_cap.o d_cccs.o d_ccvs.o
d_coil.o d_coment.o d_cs.o d_logic.o d_logicmod.o d_poly_g.o d_poly_cap.o
d_res.o d_switch.o d_trln.o d_vcr.o d_vcvs.o d_vs.o bm_complex.o bm_exp.o
bm_fit.o bm_generator.o bm_poly.o bm_posy.o bm_pulse.o bm_pwl.o bm_sffm.o
bm_sin.o bm_tanh.o bmm_table.o bmm_semi.o c_comand.o c_delete.o c_getckt.o
c_list.o c_modify.o c_param.o c_status.o c_sweep.o c_sim.o c_system.o md.o
ap_construct.o ap_convert.o ap_error.o ap_get.o ap_match.o ap_skip.o
l_ftos.o l_pmatch.o l_timer.o l_trim.o l_wmatch.o m_fft.o m_spline.o io.o
io_contr.o io_error.o io_findf.o io_getln.o io_out.o io_xopen.o u_lang.o
u_nodemap.o u_opt1.o u_opt2.o u_parameter.o u_prblst.o u_probe.o u_sdp.o
u_xprobe.o s__.o s__aux.o s__init.o s__map.o s__out.o s__solve.o s_ac.o
s_ac_set.o s_ac_slv.o s_ac_swp.o s_dc.o s_dc_set.o s_dc_swp.o s_tr.o
s_tr_rev.o s_tr_set.o s_tr_swp.o s_fo.o s_fo_out.o s_fo_set.o d_dot.o
d_subckt.o e_base.o e_card.o e_node.o e_model.o e_compon.o e_subckt.o
e_elemnt.o e_ccsrc.o e_storag.o e_cardlist.o bm_model.o bm_value.o
bm_cond.o bm.o c__cmd.o c_attach.o c_file.o c_genrat.o c_prbcmd.o findbr.o
plot.o main.o  -ldl -lreadline -ltermcap

And yes, it works.

% gnucap
Gnucap 2007.02.21 RCS 26.16
The Gnu Circuit Analysis Package
Never trust any version less than 1.0
Copyright 1982-2002, Albert Davis
This is free software, and you are welcome
to redistribute it under certain conditions
according to the GNU General Public License.
See the file "COPYING" for details.

> Option #2 ...
> Use the old build system  ./configure.old.
> I really should call it the development build system because
> that is the one I use for development.  Autoconf is a big pain.
> I use it for distribution because people expect it, kind of
> like RPM and DEB, and because Dan did the work of setting it
> up.  I don't have the patience to use it for development.  I
> would very much welcome a good replacement for autoconf, and
> know how to spec it and do it, but I am focusing my effort on
> gnucap instead.  If someone wants to do it, I can work with
> them.

Understood, but this issue with link-ordering is independent of configury
or libtoolisms.  The build-system can use whatever works for developers
and users.  (I personally find autoconf suitable for developement.)

For global static initialization ordering, however, I do recommend
something more robust (previous message).  When I have some time, I might
see if l_dispatcher can be re-written to "initialize on-demand".  Any
other pointers on what other global objects are order-critical?

> Anyway ...  that alone won't fix it.  You still need to put
> first.

Better yet, take the guess-work out completely, and enforce ordering

David Fang
Computer Systems Laboratory
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cornell University
        -- (2400 baud? Netscape 3.0?? lynx??? No problem!)

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