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[open-cobol-list] Re: [Tiny-cobol-users] Re: NIST Test Suite

From: bgiroud
Subject: [open-cobol-list] Re: [Tiny-cobol-users] Re: NIST Test Suite
Date: Mon Jun 17 08:45:09 2002
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En réponse à David Essex <address@hidden>:

> At 06:03 PM 15/06/02 +0900, Keisuke Nishida wrote:
> > I have somehow arranged my NIST-test supporting tools for TinyCOBOL:
> > ...
> > Would you like it?
> I ran some test with the OC NIST test suite from OC-0.9.6 and TC CVS
> version.
> It seams to work OK. 
> Unfortunately there are some problems with the TC DISPLAY/ACCEPT syntax
> so
> I could not complete the tests.
> I think the OC NIST test suite could be used for all COBOL projects.
> I would like to suggest that a shell script be added so the test suite
> can
> be configured for each COBOL project (ex: OC or TC or CG). 

And the location of the compiler (i.e. installed or in development).
Unless you prefer to play with the path?!

> Also I would like to see the Makefile changed so only specific modules
> can
> be tested (ex: make SM). 

I would even recommend that we be able to test individual programs, or
at least, to be able not to run all programs before a given one; that's
why I started coding Makefile's instead of one big script.

Another issue is to take care of "manual" runs like NC109M.

> Other wise I would like that the NIST test suite be the first entry in
> the
> COBOL utilities project.
> David Essex

Practically, I think we should first start the new project, donate
what is needed, and when ok, suppress tools from our specific

So, who registers the cobol-utils project?


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