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[open-cobol-list] OpenCOBOL 0.23 for MinGW port

From: Keiichi Takahashi
Subject: [open-cobol-list] OpenCOBOL 0.23 for MinGW port
Date: Tue Jul 8 07:12:14 2003
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Hi all,

I've updated MinGW port of OpenCOBOL 0.23.


This is based on the official source of OpenCOBOL 0.23 at, while
previous package of MinGW port, build #028 was on the experimental
source supplied by Keisuke Nishida.

Now, Nishida-San and we are investigating for building libcob as DLL on
Windows, it would take time to fix enough though.

Meantime, more stable version should be released for public.

In the above package, the libcob is built as static library, which works
fine except for behavier of dynamic modules compiled by this.

In order to use this package, at least, you need to install in the
following packages on your Windows system:

- MinGW base kit, bitWalk build #026

- MinGW tools, bitWalk build #025


- OpenCOBOL 0.23, bitWalk build #029

Best Wishes,

Keiichi Takahashi, bitWalk Co.,Ltd.

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