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[open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20050503

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20050503
Date: Tue May 3 03:15:17 2005

Time for a CVS push.
Firstly, many thanks to Oleg Philon (hope I got the name right)
for his patience in testing on powerpc.

New in this push :

A new internally defined register NUMBER-OF-CALL-PARAMETERS.
This holds the number of parameters passed to a module.

Two new configuration parameters :
"larger-redefines-ok" - Activated for -std=cobol2002 and -std=mf
"relaxed-syntax-check" - Activated for -std=mf

Changed/added/fixed :

Fix stacked imperatives, eg.
    ADD ... TO ...

Fixes all over for big endian (powerpc). This also involved de(/pro)moting
the "char" definition from it's default unsigned to signed.
We now pass all the OC tests AND the Cobol85 test suite on powerpc.

The SORT with DUPLICATES clause does not now produce a warning.
Duplicates are default in order.

Initialize variables in all stages of the compilation. We need this for
upcoming nested programs. As a side effect, this now allows us to do :
cobc -m PROG1.CBL PROG2.CBL ...
cobc -C PROG1.CBL PROG2.CBL ...
(NOTE - At the moment memory resources are not being freed; so be
  careful about doing something like cobc -m *.CBL)

Still outstanding is what to do with :
This currently produces two main programs and fails miserably at link time.
Possible is :
a) Compile second and subsequent programs as modules ( -m )
b) Compile second and subsequent programs down to objects (".o") and link in.
I would appreciate thoughts here.

The C code generator has been changed to :
 Only generate local variables if needed
Only generate the entry switch statement if there is more than one entry point
 Move some code out of line.

Implemented some fine-tuning when optimizing (-O, -Os, -O2 and gcc >=3).
This, combined with the changes from the previous paragraph, also sets
up the framework to begin inlining runtime code.

The Cobol85 test suite can now be run without doing a "make install"
(A "make" is sufficient). (Note this was always so for the OC tests)

Few more things added to the OC tests.

I have not got round to adding a "not-reserved" list into the various ".conf" files. So, edit in anything you need into the config/xxx.conf files BEFORE you do the
"make install".


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