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[open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20050525

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20050525
Date: Wed May 25 07:03:21 2005

CVS Update.

Move the include of "xxx.c.h" in generated C code down into
the internal function. This we will need for nested functions.

New functions "cob_resolve_1" and "cob_call_resolve_1" which
are wrappers around the existing functions. These test if the module
was found and if not call "cob_call_error".
This allows us to use these new functions in generated C code
if the CALL does not have an "ON EXCEPTION" and therefore
saves generating a NULL test in the generated C code.

New compile option "-dynopt" (Could not think of a better name)
This does the following :
If the CALL is a literal and there is not an "ON EXCEPTION", generate
the call address once only in the program initialization. Generate the
call using this saved call address. Note that CANCEL's will be ignored when
using this option. (ie. not generated)
You may use this when your application is fully debugged.
Note that the complete application should be compiled using this option
if there is anywhere a CANCEL. If a program relies on the CANCEL
behaviour, then do NOT use this option.
Also, any unresolved addresses will be set to null, so that a call to these
will result in a spectacular segementation fault.
If you are hammering particular Cobol modules, then this is a noticable
performance win.
If your application does not have any CANCEL's, then you may freely
mix compiling with/without this option.


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