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[open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20060108

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20060108
Date: Sun Jan 8 13:45:17 2006

CVS Updated.

Developers - *NOTE*
OC has been bootstrapped up to
libtool 1.5.22 and automake 1.9.6.
I also have a local change in libtool to fix a
bug when genning on HP-UX (See libtool
mailing list).

The compile option --Version has been reverted
back to --version. The verbose option --verbose
has been removed.
So, we have :
--version or -V (for version info)
-v (to turn on verbose mode)

The problem is what I think is a bug in
getopt_long_only; we should be able
to do eg. cobc -mv, however, with both long
options activated we get an "ambiguous"
failure from getopt. (however a single -v works).

Preliminary support for numeric (PIC 9) and
fields with up to 36 digits.
This needs further testing.

There are a lot of changes to deal with non-gcc
ports and other UNIX systems.

The Cobol85 test file on the download site as
doucumented in tests/cobol85/README has
an error. We fix this up prior to running the test.
OC was not picking up this error - fixed.

Sequential read of a relative file was returning an incorrect
relative record number.

libltdl (libtool) is not required for MingW.
Any Win build will use native dynamic loading.

System dynamic loading is now the default
(ie. If the include dlfcn.h is present and the
dlopen entry point is present, use this).

Pre-release snapshot tarball available at :


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