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[open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20060121

From: Roger While
Subject: [open-cobol-list] CVS Update 20060121
Date: Sat Jan 21 07:41:00 2006

CVS Updated.

Prepare the way to allow duplicate paragaphs within
the same section if not referenced.
(Not yet implemented)

Parameters to OBJECT-COMPUTER are optional - fixed.

Allow the word EQUAL in a COMPUTE statement.

Do not warn usage of -x/-m when using -E.

Fix fixed format literal continuation.

New configuration variable "relax-level-hierarchy".
This is NOT currently activated for any "-std=" while
this is still undergoing further tests.
(If OK, will be defaulted to yes for mf, ibm, mvs, bs2000)

Insert OC test for "relax-level-hierarchy".

When error exiting on file I/O, report the assign name.

Explain in the tests/cobol85/README what should
be done/expected.

Temporarily do not allow binary fileds > 18 digits.

Literal optimization when all characters are the same.

Snapshot tarball at (where else) :

Of course, I missed the two week 0.33 release deadline :-)


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