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Re: [open-cobol-list] opencobol and COPY THRU syntax

From: John Culleton
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] opencobol and COPY THRU syntax
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 08:26:13 -0400
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On Friday 25 April 2008 12:06:04 pm Ian Moon wrote:
> Hi... I'm pretty new to cobol. Basically I'm trying to get some
> legacy programs running with opencobol on linux from NCR System
> 3000 - NCR Cobol 85.
> The first issue I've encountered is with the COPY instruction.
> I could get the following instruction to work:
> However I get compilation errors when trying to copy in a range of
> code:
>     COPY FUN-LIB, 025000 THRU 025999.
> or
>     COPY FUN-LIB, 025000 THROUGH 025999.
> Is this supported? Is there another instruction or way to bring
> code into a program from another file? I haven't been able to find
> a list of supported instructions.
> Thanks for you help
> Ian
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Faced with this problem I would simply bring the code in via an editor 
like Vim. Open the program in one vim window, the source for the copy 
text in another and cut and paste. Alternatively copy the file 
contaiing the needed text to another file name such as copied.cbl, 
then edit that file so that it contains just the needed lines. Then 
copy copied.cbl into the main file in the usual way. 

I have not encountered a "copy by range" facility before so it may be 
a proprietary extension. 

John Culleton
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