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Re: [open-cobol-list] GUI -- wxWidgets?

From: Joseph James Frantz (Aoirthoir)
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] GUI -- wxWidgets?
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 10:25:41 -0500

I like this idea a lot. The canvas gives us immediate GUI for now, which can be updated
later on.

I'm ok with whatever method yall use, gtk+, qt, tcl/tk, whichever.

On Wed, Feb 18, 2009 at 10:21 AM, Ulf Dambacher <address@hidden> wrote:
Brian Tiffin schrieb:
> Hello everyone
> With the recent addition of libguile linkage How-To, GTK+ can also be accessed
> from the Scheme layer.  Anything on the Perl side can be accessed through the
> cob_perl side, so wxWidgets is definitely a viable option already.  I'm still
> working with Rildo's codebase to get smooth integration with Tcl/Tk
> (currently functional and samples have been posted), but I'd like to spend my
> whimsical time and attention on the GTK bindings.  There are a bag load of
> features that Glib, GDK and GTK open up.  One next step may be peeling back
> access to the GtkBuilder feature for XML UI design for those so inclined.

Hi together

I have some experience with  tk, gtk, qt and the old athena widgets and even did
my own widget set for (and natively coded in) gnu smalltalk.
For c programming and embedding in other languages I definitely recommend gtk+.
Also if you are concerned with windows/unix portability and licenses, gtk+ works
for you.

For "the old cobol coders" I think it's the best to provide folowing:
- A main window with text canvas, menubar and status line, both can be accessed
and modified via special accept/display additions, the normal display/accept
output goes to to the text canvas (maybe using a fixed font, but user
configurable lines/cols other than 80x24 chars).
This way  every cobol program gets a small X11-gui without code changes and this
could be an adaption of the current curses code to x11.

- a way to load these xml ui design files to fire up the dialogs and return the
result to a record in working storage area or by doing calls to get them.

- everything should work just with the gui builder without the need of further
linking and additional non-cobol sources.

I think 80% of the cobol users will be happy with this and its possible to code
this glue layer in short time.
And if nobody does it, I will start this. But I am currently commited in porting
my codebase to OC so It will be April until then.


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