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Re: [open-cobol-list] 60 character identifiers

From: vince
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] 60 character identifiers
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 01:58:45 +0000
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On Wednesday 13 Mar 2013 16:00:08 john Culleton wrote:

> Frankly IMO many of the changes made in the standard since 1974 have
> tended to defeat one of the chief objectives (no pun intended) of the
> language. Programmer A should be able to pick up a program written by
> programmer B and understand what is going on. The more features that
> are added the less likely this is to be accomplished. I sometimes
> worry about the standards writers. Did they ever work in a production
> shop? Did they ever hear Grace Murray Hopper discuss her objectives in
> designing the language? Not every change is an improvement.

Yep, that about it but any good Cobol programmer should be able to have a 
general understanding of the way a program works providing ......

There is GOOD documentation eg, system spec, program spec, notes from the 
original programmer along with all of the testing details (plans, data, 
scripts etc).

It is amazing how many projects seem to have lost so much if you believe the 

... It is usually a poorly run shop that created the problems in the first 

   and that's 50+ years experience with 35+ years of contracting talking in a 
lot of different sites and industries.


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