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Re: [open-cobol-list] Sections in PROCEDURE DIVISION

From: studiok
Subject: Re: [open-cobol-list] Sections in PROCEDURE DIVISION
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 20:04:09 +0100
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Hi all,
This will be my last post on topic (which IMO should have never been started).
OC IS open source.
That means let everyone do as he preferes (GPL or any such license, of course).
OC handles sections. Anyone of us is free to use them or not. Why remove this option from OC?
Marcello Marsile

Il 14/03/2013 19:37, Leonardo Epifani ha scritto:
Il 14/03/2013 15:44, vince ha scritto:
On Thursday 14 Mar 2013 09:14:28 john Culleton wrote:
The OC COBOL Manual written by Gary Cutler is so good that I hesitate
to mention one omission. Most of us don't use sections in the PROCEDURE
DIVISION any more, if we ever did. But there are still older programs
around that used that construct. Gary mentions them only in connection
with the SORT verb. The construct deserves a separate mention.
Well here is one programmer that does use Sections within Cobol programs.
Performing Sections is more efficient then paragraphs with 'thru' in most 

and here is another who does use them.

For what I can remember, we always used them.
In the old days, we had to use them for memory handling reasons (MF L2 environment).
But, apart of this, I think that using sections makes programs even more readable and clear

Il 14/03/2013 18:15, Gary Cutler ha scritto:
BTW - OC, at least, is not affected by the "PERFORM section" vs "PERFORM para1 THRU para2" issue - the generated code is identical.

That's not a matter of performance. It's a matter of programming habit.

best regards

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