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Re: [Gnugeneration-discuss] Suggestion: set up a sub-Reddit

From: Bader SZ
Subject: Re: [Gnugeneration-discuss] Suggestion: set up a sub-Reddit
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 21:01:24 +0200
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On 1/27/13 9:53 PM, Kẏra wrote:
Reddit is a place for content. There are already the freesoftware and
freeculture reddits. What would an even more specific reddit's purpose
serve when those two don't have too much activity as it is?

As I stated earlier, this subreddit will be set up for the gnu generation specifically. And yes you are right, "/r/freesoftware" and "/r/freeculture" aren't too active and this one might not be at all. But then again, it is up to the community to keep the subreddit active, and I am suggesting this to assist this community and its members to become more active.

Bader S. Zaidan

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