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Re: [Gnugeneration-discuss] Suggestion: set up a sub-Reddit

From: Harry Prevor
Subject: Re: [Gnugeneration-discuss] Suggestion: set up a sub-Reddit
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 16:46:15 -0500

On 1/27/13, Bader SZ <address@hidden> wrote:
> For those who do not already know, <>
> is an online site where the users can set up communities, share links
> and posts. It is Free Software, and minimal information is required to
> set up an account. My proposition is for this community to set up a
> subreddit, since the community's is not very active. If a
> descent number of people agree, I will personally moderate the subreddit
> along with a group of people who are familiar with Reddit and would like
> to assist me. Please email me if you have any questions or comments.

As a long-time Redditor (see /u/habstinat) and avid follower of
/r/linux and /r/gnu, I think this could be a great idea. Recently I
tried to use Reddit to get people to design a logo for OpenPhoenux
(manufacturers of the once-Openmoko GTA04 "truly free" GNU/Linux
smartphones) and it was a huge success, getting to the top spot of
/r/linux <> and close to
the top of /r/picrequests, yeilding almost a dozen logo submissions,
most of which were very professional looking:
<>. It also sparked some interest in
OpenPhoenux and I'm sure resulted in at least a few purchases.

To avoid the similar fate of /r/freeculture and the like, we need to
aggressively promote the subreddit in /r/newreddits, /r/linux, /r/gnu,
et al. I'd definitely be interested in helping you start this up /
moderate this.

Harry Prevor

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