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Re: Improving the JobOffer view

From: Davi Leal
Subject: Re: Improving the JobOffer view
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 22:49:29 +0200
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Victor Engmark wrote!

>  - AFAIK, a "Job offer" is what you give to the person you'd like to
>    take the job, typically after interviews & such. If you replace it with
>    "Vacancy", it's clear that the employer is looking for someone to hire,
>    but doesn't have eligible applicants yet. I propose to change the
>    heading. 


You could look at
and compare it with the previous version

> - To minimize the amount of reading necessary to understand the context,
>   and make the sub-heading indentation equal, I propose to move the main
>   heading to a separate line above all the other text, possibly centered
>   horizontally.

I delay this proposed change up to several days. So we can think a little more 
about it, and check it over the last changes done.


> - "Entity type" is quite vague - I had to think a bit to see that it
>   was the type of employee the employer is looking for. It could be
>   renamed to "Employee type" or integrated into the "Vacancies" line,
>   e.g., "Vacancies: 1 company" / "2 persons" etc..

I have integrated it into the "Vacancies" line.

> - I'd use "Camel Case" or "Sentence case" for the headings - It's
>   faster to read than UPPER CASE, IIRC.

I have changed the upper case to "Camel Case".

> - I think "telework" should be replaced by its more common 
> synonym "telecommute".


> - I've seen job application systems where language skills were divided
>   into two categories, each with two sub-categories: comprehension and
>   expression of written and oral. Dunno if we want to be that accurate,
>   though.

Task added to think about it later:

> - "Wage rank" should be replaced by "Salary".


> - We should use internationally acknowledged currency symbols /
>   abbreviations for the salary, with an <abbr> tag for the full name.
>   I think most people can recognize currencies quite quickly like that.

About how currencies are exposed,
  * that would require the development of new logic.
  * Besides, people who do not know, for example, that "LBP" is
    "Pounds, Lebanon" will have to move the mouse over it to see
    what it is.

About how currencies are filled in the form,
  * I agree with you that allowing add "LBP" instead of using
    the long combo box is the way to go.

added task:

> - A strange idea for the salary: How about making the number into a
>   link to a currency converter, so people can easily find out how much
>   the payment is in whatever currency they're used to? Something like
>   <a href="...?value=100&cur1=CHF" title="Convert to other currency">
>   100CHF</a>, so that the form is pre-filled when the user gets to the
>   page. 

Great idea!

We have just to look for such converter.

> > Should we replace
> >   "Birthdate: 1983"  with  "Birth year: 1983"  ?
> AFAIK, "birth date" means the whole date (Y/M/D), while "birth year" is
> obviously just the year. "Born" should be sufficient in all cases
> (Y, Y/M, Y/M/D), how about using that?

Changed to use "Born".

P.S.: What I have done is just a proposal over the Victor's proposal. You can 
revert my proposal with your own proposal.

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