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[Gnumed-devel] wxNumericEntry for testing

From: Julio Jiménez
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] wxNumericEntry for testing
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 17:22:05 +0200

Hi all

I send a widget that can be usefull for Gnumed project:
class wxNumericEntry(wxTextCtrl)

It is a generic numeric entry widget, and have a lot of features. It is the 
1.0rc0 version and have been tested under:
        Gnu Debian Woody 3.0
        Mandrake 8.2
        Windows Me

        Requires wxPython >= 2.3.2 and Python >= 2.1


Untar the attached file with:
        tar xvfz wxentries.tar.gz

A directory named wxentries will be created. It contains two files:    - Is the module for wxNumericEntry      - example for study and testing

Note: contains the "euro"  symbol for European monetary unit, than 
can be seen only with the iso.8859.15 fonts or the  iso.10646.1 megafonts...

The source ilustrates how to use it. I hope you train it and report 
me what about it... :) 

Karsten Hilbert <address@hidden> wrote:
>I am surely interested in having a look at it. I am interested
>particularly as to whether and how it solves localization
>issues. I assume this widget may come in very handy in our
>gmMeasurements module.

At first... I wanted to provide the use of  "locale" module for  
self-configuration of the wxNumericEntry, but after I make a very versatile 
control that can be configurated by the programer in a full range of 
posibilities. I think that is the programer into de program where must decide 
provide "locales" or not; the wxNumericEntry can be configurated as you want, 
but is generic... ;)

- Right alignment (both in windows or linux!)
- Formated and customizable screen output (with or without, prefix, thousand 
separator, sufix, decimal separator... can be a char or a string... for all)
- Data retrieve as number(float or integer, 0 decimals returns integer 
otherwise floats) , string (valid to convert to number with any python 
function), and formated string... sorry not yet!. in this version
-Ranges max and min with help dialog. the max and min values ban be: None (no 
range checking, or any valid number)
- No permits bad numbers input (It is ugly type letters or other thing... when 
the form wait for a number... )
- Validations are inside the widget, but you can add any  validator...
- The widget is derivated from wxTextCtrl, then anything valid for it is valid 
for wxNumericEntry (excepts overriden...)... You can rename wxTextCtrl to 
wxNumericEntry in your program (prev.importing module...) and it must run ok...

Well, I hope you try it...

Note For Mac Users.... :)
I have no testing for it buy it may run under Mac Python... I would like to be 
noticed about it...

I hope you like it and be usefull for GnuMed Project.

Julio Jiménez

P.S.: Sorry for my english (it may be so bad, but it will be better... 

Attachment: wxentries.tar.gz
Description: Widget for general numeric entry

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