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[Gnumed-devel] wxDateEntry - Notes

From: Julio Jiménez
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] wxDateEntry - Notes
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 18:11:03 +0200

Hi all..

I have read the "Considerations for a medical date entry widget" document and 
reports what I think about it.

At first: I attach a file (only for to see, not valid for use) for the 
preliminary wxDateEntry  widget. (the widget squeleton)

I'm programmer from Pascal (Delphi) an C and maked my own DateEntry control 
some years ago... then I hope haven't problems ;)

The text:

Structured input fields... Ok but I think that's older... and incompatible 
with the parser method, but can bea property that conmutate between both 

Unstructured input fields..- "The widget does not impose a particular layour 
for entering dates".. "there sould be a 'super smart' input 
interpretation"... Of course, I think it is the best way, you can input 
anything, then the parser proccess it and report a valid date if it can... 
that will be the power of the widget.

Dates as offsets.- true, it's easy to do (I have think before about .. and 
solve it)  You will can input "+3d +3d +1w -2w" all both and the parser 
interpretate it correctly... (may be...)
One little problem... english: sufix d, m, y, w spanish: d, m, a, s for the 
same... any country can be its own prefix for days, months, years and weeks. 
The use of "locale" module will be require, but "locale" module is 
problematic. -don't do the things whow it would be- in english, no problem, 
but in german, spanish and other countries: problems!!! Guido have been 
reported about it for resolve (I don't know why he haven't solved this 
problem when he is european)

Manipulation of displayed dates... Context Menu :
        Ok three pairs of keys for inc or dec day, month and year (into the 
attached you can use +-  and Pag Up and down int the popup (drop down) 
calendar for it)

Leap Years... Y2K, Gregorian... Julian...It may work with "time" module fo 
valid dates...

Delimiters... Of course what we want, the parser may reduce the input, 
normalize, split and interpretate... :)

Key words... Problematic (subject to localization) but can be implemented.

Fuzzy Dates... ??? (incomplete dates.... example: I know the year only...)
A 'StrictedDate' property can be implemented for it, and permit 'Fuzzy' and 
valid dates

I have worked making programs for the Historical archive of Trujillo (where I 
live in Spain) and it is usual to it... Francisco Pizarro borned.... ????? we 
dont know the day or month, only the year... near .... sigl... Cristobal 
Colón borned.... ????

We can implement a notation for input. For display it into the control we can 
manage it as we want. By example the wxNumericEntry (what you see is not what 
it is or seemed) :)  (right align visual effect.... he he   GTK don't 
generate on_paint event... no problem.... see the source code '__fmtRS(self, 
value)' function do it (complex algoritm... he he :)  )

For Postgres of course we can implement a new type (only for those kinds of 

P.S.. Try the squeleton widget into the attacked file.. I think that can be 
added a label property also... it's easy...

well, I begin to work in the Parser (littles gnomes working into the program) 
:) sorry.... ... and hope as soon as possible to send a preliminary version 
for testing ( week... perhaps :> )

Julio Jiménez Borreguero

Description: Preliminary widget squeleton for wxDateEntry

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