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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Python gettext

From: Karsten Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Python gettext
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 10:15:17 +0200
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> I would strongly encourage to include gmI18N in each module!
Not needed (installing _() in the root namespace wasn't my
decision - it came with the use of the class based gettext

> Reason: each module should have a testing function in the section "if 
> __name__ 
> == "__main__". 

if __name__ == "__main__":
    import gmI18N

is what I suggested, anyways.

However, for plain testing even a simple
    _ = gettext.gettext
would suffice as it is neither mandatory nor necessary to have
i18n()ed testing code. Same goes for log messages IMHO.

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