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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Distro Q

From: David Guest
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Distro Q
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 22:05:23 +1100
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richard terry wrote:

I guess having used Mandrake for several years I'm sick of its minor instability problems and poor update mechanism, which is why I've been trying the others.

I've got to admit I've leant alot from installing gentoo from scratch, and I like its emerge system. I've not installed kde yet and am still in terminal mode though I've compiled by first kernel (twice - first time I stuffed up the 8139too and didn't have a network!). I'm doing it on a spare caddie with hdd in it, so havn't overwritten by distro.

I'm sure you are probably correct about Debian however and I'm awaiting that CD you said should arrive on Friday last week but hasn't appeared yet (check the address - it should have been to 141 Dudley Rd Whitebridge 2290).

Thanks for your feedback once again Horst.

Once I've got my renovations a bit further along I will rejoin the fold. I'm waiting on the windows at the moment, having put up some steel rsj's last week.
Is the conference for gnumed going to go ahead?
Hi Richard

Like you I was impressed with watching gentoo build itself in front of one's eyes. However, as commented on the slug list a few weeks back there is more to life than watching compiles and debian remains the favoured distro once you are up to speed on Linux via Mandrake or Red Hat. So, like you, I will try to get a functioning gnumed installation on debian in the next week or two. I look forward to Andreas' knopootstrap, although an imminent release seems unlikely.

As far as the conference is concerned, I have been trying to arrange on the Friday and Saturday at UTS (University of Technology, Sydney) on Broadway just prior to 12cc. We have approached the SLUG Debian SIG for help in organising this and I have not heard back in the last week and will chase it up. If we can swing it, it will be August 8 & 9, so it may be possible to get Ian up before he starts his surgical term.

I hope Horst and you can also do some talks at 12 cc on gnumed.



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