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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Browser GUi

From: richard terry
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: Browser GUi
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 08:34:26 +1000

> > > browser GUI.
> >
> > What are your idea's here re the GUI
> I would like to add some small features like
> - a history to switch back and forward between pages (as in every web
> browser)

Absolutely, something I always wanted.
> - some way to choose between different drug databases (e.g. a combobox)
Should this perhaps be in the config file? as mostly we only use one, but 
then again I can envisage a situation in hospitals when one might want to 
check  against different drug references.

> - guess there are some more things I don´t remember right now
> I will certainly need your help in changing the design.

Of course, fire away when ready.

> > Will I easily be able to link up my mimsannual data again to the drug
> > browser? As you remember I hard coded the queries 12 months ago as proof
> > of
> > concept.
> I tried to port your queries to my implementation. Please have a look at
> test-area/gmDrug/mims.conf.

thanks for all the below, I'll try and find time to give it a go.


> All you have to do to try gmDrugBrowser is
> 1. install/link to client/wxpython/gui
> 2. install/link and to client/python-common
> 3. copy mims.conf to ~/.gnumed/
> 4. edit your ~/.gnumed/gnumed.conf. Add the lines
> [DrugReferenceBrowser]
> # mims is a reference to the configfile entry. It is not the name of the
> postrgres-db ! You have
> # to setup your config tables in the backend correctly !
> drugDBname = mims
> [mims]
> configfile =  /<path_to_your_homedir>/.gnumed/mims.conf
> 5. edit your bootstrap.conf so that the service ´pharmaceutica´ points to
> the database that has the mims-
> data .
>  - add pharmaceutica to the services list in [installation]
> - add your drug database if different from core db
> - add service pharmaceutica (copy from e.g. clinical, change name and
> database alias (if required), delete all schema references so that you
> don´t add schemas to that service (you don´t have to if mims data are
> already installed on this db). Now bootstrap the db
>  ( you can as well add the service by hand if you do not wish to bootstrap
> - see the developer manual on how to do it)
> If you have problems configuring one of the above files I can send you my
> files as example.
> Now you should be able to start gmDrugBrowser as standalone widget or as
> notebook plugin (don´t forget to change/delete ´plugin load order´ in the
> cfg_* tables if you did not bootstrap the core db !)
> Please test and report any problems that occur. Read DrugDescription.txt in
> test-area/gmDrug for details on the format of the mims.conf file.
> Hilmar

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