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Re: [Gnumed-devel] 5 fulltime pre-graduating software engineering studen

From: David Mackenzie
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] 5 fulltime pre-graduating software engineering students
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2003 10:27:15 +1000
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> I should think we should make fri**in' damn sure we won't have
> trouble in the way that suddenly RMIT starts to think "Gee,
> this is one darn nice thingy them students of us worked on.
> Let's go screw 'em and start selling this little cutie to all
> those GPs out there."

I agree.

> Do RMIT students have to power to "donate" "their" IP to a GPL
> project ? I should certainly like to know.

The first thing we did when proposing this project to RMIT was
to discuss the Intellecutal Property.  

Here is what the lecturer said, "The matter of intellectual property is a 
little cloudy, but here is how I understand it.  For undergraduate projects, 
the dominant claim is from the students concerned, depending on whether the 
project is internal or externally sourced. If the students are happy to sign 
away any claims before they work on the project, then the claim would most 
likely reside with the sponsors.  You could have this checked by the RMIT 
legal dept but I believe this is the common practice".

So, I think you are right, a visit to the RMIT legal department to clear the 
matter up officially would be a good idea.  I will book in an appointment on 
Tuesday.  That way RMIT can't turn around and "screw" us.


David Mackenzie
4th Year CSE/CS RMIT Student

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