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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: GNUmed website

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Re: GNUmed website
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 19:54:15 +0100
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> I was going to write:
> t's been 5 weeks since the thread had any activity. David Grant was
> active across the thread and offered to co-ordinate redevelopment, so I
> contacted him to learn of any off-list developments.
What did you learn ?

> As of last week, David had heard nothing beyond the thread which more
> or less died. Sorry if "died" seems too strong for "only" 5 weeks, yet
> it seemed to me people felt web content redevelopment construed a
> priority.
Don't be sorry. I can tell you what happened.  Weeks ago we agreed that 
something needs to be. Big deal. That always happens once conferences are 
over. Then Christmas came. 

Well I have not heard of a volunteer to maintain our site(s). It needs some 
major work but someone has to do it. Do you know anybody ?

I once posted an outline of what I felt the menu structure should / could look 
like. As usual there is little debate on that and so it was never put to 

Right now a team is forming here in Germany to restructure documentation.
But don't expect anything soon. It is just two people. What kind of 
documentation can you expect ? General information since none of the people I 
am talking about is good at programming. 

We will work on this with long term perspectives. Right now we are trying to 
assemble the pieces on GNUmed that are already there. 

BTW. What is there to document for users / developers to *see*?

> I would like to help David and any others interested in working on this
> but as I cannot discern if a sufficient "team" has come together,
> wondered:

I currently have almost no time. I still try to coordinate the new 
documentation team. I requested a Mailinglist to be set up but that has not 
yet happened.

We need an infrastructure. Where to host stuff. Which tools to use...
> - are there impediments other than people' time, possibly important
> concerns
> - within the time that people do have available, is "list" discussion
> the way to assemble a team, or is it only a first step, and if that
> step has died, what is the way to help things forward?

Unfortunately CVSMONITOR is broken. Maybe it is better this way. Why?
Besides of Karsten's continous and Syan's private work (which he recently 
shared) there is almost no development going on. How can we expect GNUmed to 
evolve if noone writes code ? 

Don't get mad but where are Horst, Ian, David, Hilmar ...
I guess all of you have very good reasons for not being active lately but 
let's face it. GNUmed will get nowhere without you coding.

I am about to take 5 exams during the next 2 weeks. If I pass I will be back 
to code some more on GNUmed Archive. Meanwhile I hope some more people decide 
to focus on GNUmed.

How do you expect me to convince the new documentation team to invest time if 
GNUmed seems to be pretty much dead ?

There is a medical student here in Germany who likes to help out but
he is not the one to save GNUmed.

@ James

Please tell me what you are willing to do. I will *try* to help and comment on 
everything you bring up.

Keep hacking,

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