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[Gnumed-devel] Info re way data retrieved - 2

From: Richard Terry
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] Info re way data retrieved - 2
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2004 19:56:33 +1000
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I'm trying fairly unsuccessfully to follow the logic of the code through:

1) in the I can't seem to get up multiple occurrences of 
the patient. This window only brings up spock or kirk, not any of the others 
in the database, and certainly not the multiple pop-up list of names where 
search string yeilds >1 name.

2) In which module is the code to switch tabs

3) Transfer of patient data to the gmDemographic textboxes.
        - After much fiddling It seems that if this line is commented out, the 
is not placed in the textboxds in


So I presume this module is somehow populating the textboxes? If so where can 
I find the code.  If I then want access to this data to populate the 
patientlist, where do I find it.

If someone (karsten/Ian can give me a description of this I'd be greatful.

4) How come the queries are so elemental. Surely it would be better to pull in 
a whole lot of stuff at once, rather than in such a piecemeal way.

Anyway, I'm buggered now, its nearly 8PM gmt +10 EST, so I'm off home. I'm 
trying to spend a few hours after work each night to get up to speed with 
this, so the more help you can throw at me, the quicker I'll be able to 
contribute in a meaningful way.



Now that I have a smattering of python, I'd like a bit of help in understand
how the data is retrieved. I'm currently browsing the code in gmDemographics
and gmPatient in an attempt to understand.

Can anyone give me a few quick pointers. I'd like to link the retreived data
to the patients list, and then look at how changes are written back to the
database etc - ie continue to try and complete gmDemographics.



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