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Re: [Gnumed-devel] existing deployment (was demographics editor)

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] existing deployment (was demographics editor)
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:13:49 +0200
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On Sunday 12 September 2004 23:04, J Busser wrote:
> At 5:54 PM +0200 9/12/04, Karsten Hilbert wrote:
> >  > No-one will using gnuMEd in a production sense for some time as
> >
> >far as I can tell.
> >I don't understand why you keep ignoring existing deployment.
> Perhaps worth us listing any deployments (even if they are limited).
> AFAIK the only current deployment is the Hilberts' use of current
> gnumed 0.0x to hold lab data. Are there any other deployments? A few
> months ago, Tim has corresponded to the list about what he would need
> to support (real case?) lab data, I have no idea whether he has been
> working away on anything worth reporting.
> If Karsten/Sebastian or anyone else wants to reply with a few details
> about whatever is their "existing deployment" I was thinking to link
> this info to the wiki page "Development Planner & To Do Tracker"
Ok. Some bits for the curious. First. I am back. This means I am finally done 
with my finals. I will be off to Brazil to go kitesurfing but I will have a 
laptop with me to do some work ( besides Gnumed ). 

I have added some information about the document archive to the Wiki.
What we have deployed is really simple. 
1.) Need for deployment : Too many paper documents in one patient's folder
Exeeded physical capacity. We started by digitizing newly arriving paper 
documents. As of now we have found someone who is capable of scanning in all 
documents one by one. 
2.) goal : reduce paper in patient's folders to a minimum
3.) howto: use the document archive solution within Gnumed (needs some setup 
but can be done) or use the three individual programs standalone.
See Wiki for detail of workflow.
4.) benefit as of now : no new paper hits the folders. Newly arrived documents 
are available at all PCs. This has been reported to lower the numer of 
missing documents plus maing it easy to reproduce/fax, whatever.
This *is* a usecase and has been used without hassle for some time (2years or 
so - I don't remember ) It started well before Gnumed integration. 

Many features might be missing but none of the features are essential to our 
deployment. It's up to your usecase to add features you need.

>  From that same page I can link the details, as I build them, about
> the deployment I am trying to get built. Rather than sending the
> details to the list, I can just post at intervals the topics of what
> I have added/changed to the deployment description. Hopefully, if
> anyone wants to comment on it, it is easy enough to copy any text of
> interest to one's email client and "quoting" via email. Or if it
> makes it easier for specific people who will want to comment but to
> do so offline (Karsten?), I can send content by private email.
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