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[Gnumed-devel] re: constraints in gmClinicalRecord (FYI) and gmEMRBrowse

From: sjtan
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] re: constraints in gmClinicalRecord (FYI) and gmEMRBrowser, gmPatientExporter
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 01:45:33 +1000
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what I gather is that the constraints are quite relaxed, all set to none before
loading Kirk, or any other patient.

In order for the gmEMRBrowser to load,
gmPatientExporter. get_historical_tree() calls
__get_filtered_emr_data(),  which

loads first the filtered_items (clin_root_items) using

__fetch_filtered_items() calls the gmClinicalRecord.get_allergies, get_vaccinations, get_lab_results() parametized with the dictionary self.__constraints with keys 'since', 'until', 'encounters' ,'episodes', 'issues' like a select statement but with common but invariable inclusion criteria, so it's something like
getting a medical record extract  ( see  openehr terminology).

The items returned by fetch_filtered_items() form the basis of which encounters, episodes, or health_issues
can be seen, sort of a bottom up build.
My guess is that's why the web client entries often don't show up, because some are just notes, or notes with medications ; if entries are in an encounter which doesn't have one of an allergy, vaccination or lab result in it, then it won't show up in the emrBrowser, because there will be none of these items to select the same episode id from, so any narratives that aren't in the same episode as an allergy, vaccination or lab_result won't show up. What my hacky guards in gmClinicalRecord did, which was my hack to get the web client items to show up, was to make the filtering id list for health issues , clin_episodes, and encounters None instead of empty if the id list was empty ( which it is if there are no vaccinations, allergy or lab_results for that particular issue, episode or encounter) and it was already built in the code to return *any* health issues, episodes, encounters , if the id filter list is None.

i suppose the question is then , are narratives without associated items in the same episode valid showable items? Kirk has a vaccination associated with his first encounter, and an allergy with his second, but if he hadn't had a vaccination
I don't think all the notes about his injury would show up in the browser.

Apologies about the commit, I might have forced commit accidently , when I was trying to commit a file in only one directory, and I turned off recursion, but turned on force commit ( unintended side effect).

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