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Re: [Gnumed-devel] help on bootstaping gnumed cvs

From: catmat
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] help on bootstaping gnumed cvs
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2004 22:05:16 +1000
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Alessandro Amici wrote:


i'm trying to set up a test installation of gnumed cvs on debian sid, but i've not been able to get to up-to-date installation docs and i'm stuck.

some time ago i tried the gnumed-snapshot debs, with poor results (i didn't have much time, nor motivation at the time). this time i'm going for cvs.

when did you download it? There was a syntax error recently, which broke the which I think is now corrected. I also was doing a re-install a few days ago, and was puzzled that test-doc was not associated in staff with an identity (McCoy) , and that was because a failure in around create table clin_medication , where is_cr is specified, so the rest of gmclinical.sql didn't run.

i downloaded the current cvs tree and i look for installation instructions
after a tough fight against configuration files and posgresql access controll i managed to run gnumed/server/bootstrap/ with apparent success (but tons of sql errors in the logs).

however i still can't log in (error is "The database account [test-doc] is not associated with any staff member known to GnuMed.") and i've got the impression that i'm still miles away :-/

therefore, my question is:
where should i look for up-to-date bootstrap/installation instruction?

or else:
can someone help me on the bootstrap process?

thanks in advance,

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