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[Gnumed-devel] more GUI considerations (was Data entry-soap stuff - I tr

From: J Busser
Subject: [Gnumed-devel] more GUI considerations (was Data entry-soap stuff - I tried it all day)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:23:18 -0800

Maybe what we want/need in the GUI in order to handle key needs *within* an encounter, are:

re) what the patient was *expected" to want
- this is just the "reason for encounter" (RFE)?

re) what the patient *actually* wanted
- still just the RFE assuming we can revise, and append to it within the encounter

re) what the doctor *planned* to do
- must be able to see (and interact with) the scratch pad; a patient-specific to-do list, if it exists (and however it is populated)

re) what the doctor *actually* does
- the Plan including reference to education delivered within the encounter, instructions including any changes to the medication list, and any new actions / work generated including new prescriptions, requests, referrals, communications

So is the GUI then determined by:

1. what we need to get patient-specific work done "inside" an encounter (the above), balanced against 2. what we still want to be able to see, and maybe interact with, that is *not* related to the encounter itself (maybe not even to that particular patient) even while we sit working with the patient

I suggest to shift the focus of discussion temporarily to 2, because it is potentially briefer, and might have impact on 1, and then come back to 1.

Could we agree that at the very *minimum* we must, while inside an encounter, preserve screen space to contain and keep in view a few things we must " juggle":

- for the active (current) patient, it could be the need to attend to things not strictly related to the encounter (maybe the to-do items or needs suggested by decision support if these are not fully evident inside the "encounter" module)

- and beyond current patient issues:
-- to be aware how we are doing for time, at minimum to easily see the current time and at what time we have our next appointment, optionally time progress feedback like visit-elapsed vs visit-allocated time or thermometer [add to the version 2-3 to-do list?] -- a way for important notifications to not only jump up ("Dr X is on on line 2, shall I ask them to hold?") but to keep/assign a place for these items, after being acknowledged, to stay in view, even if it is only a small space, maybe softly blinking, until fully dismissed?

If the above enough to decide, I can wiki it so we do not lose sight, and then we can identify more how to best capture within encounters what patients want, and what we do.

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