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Re: [Gnumed-devel] pre release todo

From: Ian Haywood
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] pre release todo
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2005 16:41:05 +1000
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J Busser wrote:

We have so far 2 public lists (gnumed-devel, gnumed-update) and 1 private (gnumed-announce)

gnumed-devel (81 subscribed)
*eighty-one*!! Who the hell are these people?!
"information exchange for gnumed developers and contributors"

"This list informs about relevant file updates within the gnumed project"
- is this meant to inform about updates to CVS
- are file updates *other* than CVS (like binaries) proposed to be advertised
   on gnumed-announce?
- this list is accumulating (mostly) spam, see
... shall I re-classify it as "private"? Will that cause anything we need to bounce?
It distributes regular reports on CVS changes which are autogenerated
by my account on, personally I find this quite useful. I didn't
know about the spam (my filter is working)
It would be good to stop outsiders from posting (is that want "private" means?)
- announcements regarding the gnumed project (low volume)
When we have releasable versions we will use this.
When we have end-users, sure ....
gnumed-doc and gnumed-advocacy would be the customary names.

Is it expected that gnumed-devel members will direct certain postings to the new list INSTEAD of onto gnumed-devel? Or do we expect that they will continue to post everything to gnumed-devel? So that the new lists would only be of interest to people not already on gnumed-devel?
Different lists are useful for big projects where there is a clear separation
between users and developers. Gnumed has no "users" as it's not usable in its 
own right,
so everyone who is involved in any way is a developer (although not necessary a 
so IMHO we have no current need for any more lists.


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