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Re: [Gnumed-devel] pre release todo

From: J Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] pre release todo
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 07:48:21 -0800

At 4:41 PM +1000 4/9/05, Ian Haywood wrote re

At 4:41 PM +1000 4/9/05, Ian Haywood wrote:
gnumed-devel (81 subscribed)
*eighty-one*!! Who the hell are these people?!

The interface lists a minimum of their email addresses and mode preferences (digest, avoid duplicates etc). In some cases a name has been entered, in others not. The interface does not clearly let me provide a list of all the addresses, which can only be browsed by selecting a letter of the alphabet (and if they have only ever lurked on list I should perhaps respect their choice to do so anonymously?). But least the total numbers of subscribers, across all "Letter" pages, is provided to me. :-)

The mailman app appears to filter and hold back for a moderator certain types of email for example:

From: address@hidden on Fri Dec 24 15:51:10 2004
Subject: She sleeps around
Cause: Too many recipients to the message

I can "block" future posts from such individual addresses though it is maybe pointless if spam systems autogenerate new or unique addresses? (I am trying to remember if we have had pesky sources polluting the list... despite that people may use filters on their *own* clients, spam still ends up on the archive, and I find that annoying). But pointless to "block" future email from individual addresses?

(FYI drugref has over 2000 failed posts that have accumulated since November. I suspect Horst may have added me to that list's management, but <deity> forbid I get through that list! Even if I can get the page to load -- it keeps choking -- I see no hope that I will individually arbitrate each post in the cue which seems the only method supported by that interface).

- this list is accumulating (mostly) spam...
... shall I re-classify it as "private"? Will that cause anything we need to bounce?
It distributes regular reports on CVS changes which are autogenerated
by my account on, personally I find this quite useful...
It would be good to stop outsiders from posting (is that want "private" means?)

Yes, if I redesignate the list as private, it will accept mail only from list members.
I will redesignate if there is no objection.

When we have end-users, sure ....

I think Sebastian makes the point we could have a use for this now. However if users try to use the client while it is in pre-release mode are they effectively "testing" it and would people on gnumed-devel want to know what the posts on gnumed-users are saying? I guess what I am asking is whether we should wait until we have a release to announce on gnumed-announce before we activate gnumed-users? And in the meantime do we forego gnumed-testing or could that net us:

a) some people already on gnumed-devel who would prefer to post the outcome of their "testing" to a different list and/or
b) some people (maybe on gnumed-announce) who chose not to follow gnumed-devel but may like to test as we reach alpha/beta mode

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