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Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed summer programming and google sponsor

From: Sebastian Hilbert
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] GNUmed summer programming and google sponsor
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 17:31:25 +0200
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I read this through and I would be willing to serve as mentor. I realize it 
will my workload which is too big already but it at least benefits GNUmed.

I don't expect more than one applicant to be honest so I guess I can handle 

The mentoring organization must do the following:
Create a pool of ideas for students to choose from.
        mini projects in the wiki
        can be dicscussed with applicant 
        The apllicant can forward ideas as well

Have a person available to take in student ideas should they not find 
something that appeals to them.
        I can serve as this person but we will discuss this on the list

 Have a person available to review the incoming applications marked for that 
organization and decide who should go forward with the effort.
        I guess we can handle that      

 Have a person to monitor the progress of the students and mentor them as the 
project goes forward.
        That would be me

 Have a person ready to take over for that person in the event they go on 
vacation, are hit by a bus, etc...
        ah, My replacement. I don't plan on leaving this world but we should 
not fail 
on this requirement 

 Be able to tell us about the developer, how they worked with the group, if 
they should be invited back should we do another summer of code, etc..
        I can do that. Everyone else can check the code and help me. It's an 
process anyway.


On Wednesday 01 June 2005 06:19, J Busser wrote:
> At 1:43 AM +0200 6/1/05, Carlos Moro wrote:
> >Should it be useful for GNUmed? A bit of spread its existence,
> >opportunity to get some people involved, and ... mini/big projects
> >and roadmap evolution? ;)
> Well, I do like the idea and wonder
>    i) who is in a position to serve as mentor
>   ii) what project "part" might we most like to have moved forward
> iii) which student type(s) we might most like to attract
> Mentoring:
> - If no-one feels in a position to mentor, it is a non-starter. Dunno
> whether by submitting it, Carlos is willing to stand in this role. If
> there are more than one interested, maybe the work of the role could
> be shared (even though Google may require one person's name to stand
> officially in the role).
> Project component and logistics:
> - We would need a definable project component whose amount of work
> involved would be roughly  appropriate for the funding, and able to
> be done during the time frame (summer)
> - As components I would think that more work towards the importing
> and management of lab results or drug prescribing could be most
> useful strategically; as a side-alternative a student might be asked
> to help work on drug-ref getting it more ready for wider adoption and
> helping with documentation although I don't know if Horst is in a
> position to serve as mentor
> - the student's work must be complete by August 31 and yet by this
> time Google will have granted only an initial funding cheque of $500
> plus at our option (if we are satisfied with progress) only a "middle
> cheque" in an amount of ~$2250 with the balance ($2250) being
> withheld until after October 1st. If it is possible that the student
> could really use the balance earlier (e.g. to pay tuition) then we
> could consider fronting that $2250 if it be possible to get Google to
> remit the balance to us
> - if we can tie the lab portion into the anticoagulation clinic
> project I can contribute from that fund e.g. to front the early final
> cheque
> Student type(s):
> - a medical student with interest and suitable ability at coding or
> - some other student (like an IT program student, maybe in a health
> informatics program) with a *highly* suitable coding ability plus
> interest in medical informatics
> - do we have among current gnumed developers anyone with student
> status who would be interested in being supported by the google
> Summer of Code?
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