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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Idea: DermTool

From: J Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Idea: DermTool
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:16:21 -0700

Ian's is a good idea, maybe for post 0.2?

I am just thinking that it starts us down a road that will be needed eventually, to do with decision support.

Booleans, combinations, weighted scales for risk estimations or estimates all become possible. At some point, a templated or even a smarter, more generalizable approach may be of value. I know that for the Palm Pilot there exists a free tool in which medical formulae including risk factors and scoring systems are programmable. I know not its licensing, but could explore.

There exists an open source pilot project called EGADSS that seeks to serve as a repository for, and to host, structured clinical practice guidelines being called to from EMRs. It is early days for that project but perhaps somewhere down the road, if that project and GNUmed begin to mature, convergence will be feasible.

At 8:29 AM +0800 10/27/05, address@hidden wrote:
I've had an idea for another standalone widget.
(or can run from soAp box)
A full-screen dialogue box, the top is a series of checkboxes
such as "erthyema" "nodular" "exudate" "scale" "itch" "pigmented" etc.,
plus drop-downs for "population" (child, adult, elederly), and "distribution"
(truncal, flexural, sun-exposed, whole body, face, etc.)
at the bottom are three boxes. The leftmost displays a list of dermatological
differentials (in order of prevalence) for the entered population and
description. Then you select one, the middle box (the biggest) shows a
photograph of said rash, the rightmost a wxHTML widget holding a full
clinical description, and recommended management.

Personally I find derm a daily struggle and I would find something like
this very useful if only to order and formalise my own diagnostic process.
What do others think?

The biggest hurdle is getting hold of a set of free-as-in-speech
derm images. [I suppose we could just hold a URL pointing to an image on one
of the many online collections and download on-the-spot.]
Horst has already started a little collection at


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