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Re: [Gnumed-devel] When & where to present GNUmed e.g. IEEE Symposium?

From: J Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] When & where to present GNUmed e.g. IEEE Symposium? Role of "Papers"?
Date: Fri, 25 Nov 2005 20:23:46 -0800

The major barriers between Gnumed and widespread use (at least in Australia) are the lack of a prescribing module and the lack of an integrated appointments/accounting system

All of this is very do-able, it really comes down to what amount of collaborative effort can be assembled by the "GNUmed community". I am happy to help with defining some needs and functional design, but it is the area of coding that I imagine that we need the most help, and that will only come from growing the community.

And unless it is possible to pull donors and investors out of the woodwork, the way forward could be to coax people to use GNUmed as a partial solution, postponing the other big pieces until a critical mass of *actual* users is developed.

For example if you already register patients in a satisfactory scheduling and billing program it is possible to "push" the patient's registration information into GNUmed (or to switch to GNUmed and "pull" it in) and then conduct your clinical work inside GNUmed.

So I would suggest the supporters of GNUmed, inside each country, identify a commercial vendor that is willing to let its own partial solution (scheduling and billing) inter-operate with GNUmed.

re prescribing:

A proven approach has been taken by OSCAR McMaster which, for prescribing, deployed an instance (correct term?) of drugref and after populating it with a Canadian inventory of drugs, wrote hooks from OSCAR for prescription-writing.

So with a suitable prescribing module, installations of GNUmed in Canada could share access to that same server. One drugref server per country might serve the needs of multiple clinics using different OSS EMRs. Load, rather than distance, may be the determining factor because I know an OSCAR site in my province of British Columbia that accesses a drugref server at distance of two thousand miles without usability complaints.

For Australia, Richard Terry had reported on-list (see the archive) special permission having been obtained from an Australian company (or branch) to allow their drug inventory to reside in drugref, at least for the GNUmed project, on at least a trial basis. But I do not know where it stands.

re appointments:

I know someone working on another OSS project (not OSCAR) who knows David Chan, and who is interested to determine from David what are his views about that code being borrowed and redeployed inside other GPLd projects.

re accounting:

This is maybe usefully divisible into patient service (medical services)-based accounting which can involve the electronic submission of claims to paying organizations, versus more general-purpose accounting for the medical practice that can inform the tracking and ordering of supplies in addition to managing the office expenses and payroll. Maybe also invoicing for clinical work or consulting that is not accessible through electronic claims submission. For the first area, there had been discussion of trying to use freeb but I believe freeb may have (at least its originator has) been absorbed into a commercial company. I had assembled some background notes that reside on the wiki. For the second area people have proposed SQL-Ledger but they could certainly use an off the shelf package.

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