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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Updated server packages

From: Rogerio Luz Coelho
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Updated server packages
Date: Sun, 20 Sep 2009 00:21:46 -0300

Hello Cristian look at the wiki again ... I have changed it a bit so now it should be more obvious ... please go take a look and see what you think


2009/9/19 Karsten Hilbert <address@hidden>
Hello Christian !

> I have no problems so far installing it now.
> But from an somehow "outside" point of view - the biggest problems were
> not the apt-gettting - this is usual on Debian & Co.
> The main problem at my beginning was the database setup.
> Gnumed's gm-bootstrap_server assumes that you already installed AND
> configured the database.
> Most people never had any installation of postgresql - only mysql - and
> a few months before it was very hard to get toe information out of your
> Wiki how to set up postgresql to work with Gnumed - I mean the holy line
> in pg_hab.conf:
> local   samegroup      +gm-logins                    md5
> Without this line you can install the server like usual, but it won't work.

Thanks for this valuable feedback ! We will see to it to
make this necessary change much more prominent so users know
what to do.

@Andreas: can we add this to the README.Debian for
gnumed-server, too ? I will send you a patch.

> I am an experienced Linux user, but never touched Postgre before, and
> for the first time it took me a few days to et it running - this could
> be eased very simply by making the bootstrap script add this line
> automatically to the file if run as root,

Unfortunately, this is *not safely possible*. Just doing so
would be like giving a diclofenac i.m. injection when you
DON'T know whether the patient is allergic to diclofenac --
in many cases it will be fine but in a few cases it will
kill the patient.

The "few cases" correspond to "whenever the pg_hba.conf file
has been changed locally due to local authentication

Note that  I am not talking about the fact that Debian
policy does not allow one package to change the
configuration of another packages -- this I would gladly
overcome by providing a


But this is not safely *possible*. Moreover, it may be
contrary to what a local admin desires to be the
authentication policy ! There are other ways to allow access
to GNUmed databases.

> or by just telling the user that he should do this if run
> as other user.

A good suggestion. I will add some code to the bootstrapper
which warns about the line missing in pg_hba.conf.

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