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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Start translating GNUmed into your language now

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Start translating GNUmed into your language now
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 20:05:20 -0700

On 2009-10-28, at 2:38 PM, Karsten Hilbert wrote:

IOW before a release we download the translations and merge
them back into CVS ? That would be OK with me. If so, please
add a line to the ReleaseManagement page on the wiki.

I notice that the permissions as now display at the following are set to "Open" despite that I understand Jerzy was hoping for something like had already been configured to 'Structured" -- was this a temporary change in order to clear some problem?

Further researching the translations... I was amazed to see that despite that I am sure Karsten never used the online service of Launchpad, the file (within Launchpad) seems to know that in the German .po file, English string

unknown allergic state

was translated into

Current German: Allergiestatus: unbekannt
Translated by ncq on 2008-02-04

and so I am wondering whether such authorship information resides in diff files that exist in our CVS and were originally pushed (and may still, on an ongoing basis get pushed or synced ??) into Bazaar, and whether -- through the trunk that resides in Bazaar -- the Launchpad application "rosetta" parses and imports these into a database.

Currently the Translations on Launchpad seem set to import just the template files, and not the translation files, found in the branch.  

Currently Bazaar is not exporting translations back into the Bazaar branch. This makes sense if we periodically load from Savannah CVS into Bazaar as part of a release.

The "Translation details" link for the current German file in Launchpad shows the most recent contributor to have been "ncq" and for this file to have 2 plural forms 
Filtering showed that 1846 of  the1911 items have been translated. I have since added one more (courtesy of Google translate):
SQL failed for link persons
-> SQL nicht für link-personen

so the "Translation details" now show 1847 translated although curiously it does not filter among the values "changed in Launchpad" so maybe that only shows up after the next consolidated import (??).

I then asked Launchpad for a partial export (this option is available only from inside the German translation) and this contains only 72 translated strings below.

Karsten, there is presently an untranslated string

Org must be saved before adding persons

so I wondered... as a test, might you like to change this in your local German .po file, commit to CVS, push (or arrange Sebastian to push) this freshly into Bazaar, that way we can test whether it will merge with (or overwrite) my "SQL nicht für link-personen" ??
# IMPORTANT: This file does NOT contain a complete PO file structure.
# DO NOT attempt to import this file back into Launchpad.

# This file is a partial export from
# for more information.

msgid "unknown allergic state"
msgstr "Allergiestatus: unbekannt"

msgid "does have allergies"
msgstr "hat Allergien"

msgid "ERROR: unknown allergic state [%s]"
msgstr "FEHLER: fehlerhafter Allergiestatus [%s]"

msgid " %s known problems. Clinically relevant:\n"
msgstr " %s bekannte Probleme. Klinisch relevante:\n"

msgid " %s visits from %s to %s\n"
msgstr " %s Besuche von %s bis %s\n"

msgid ""
" %s test results\n"
msgstr ""
" %s Test Ergebnisse\n"

msgid " Status: %s, %s"
msgstr " Status: %s, %s"

msgid "Episode %s%s%s (%s) [#%s]\n"
msgstr "Episode %s%s%s (%s) [#%s]\n"

msgid "SQL failed for link persons"
msgstr "SQL nicht für link-personen"

msgid "not relevant"
msgstr "nicht relevant"

msgid "clinically relevant: yes\n"
msgstr "medizinisch bedeutsam: ja\n"

msgid "Cannot retrieve version information."
msgstr "Kann Versionsinformation nicht abrufen."

msgid " Your version: \"%s\"\n"
msgstr " Ihre Version: \"%s\"\n"

msgid " New version: \"%s\"\n"
msgstr " Neue Version: \"%s\"\n"

msgid " - no database upgrade needed\n"
msgstr " - kein Datenbank-Upgrade erforderlich\n"

msgid ""
"A short alias identifying the staff member. It is used in the clinical "
"record among other places."
msgstr ""
"Das Kürzel für den Mitarbeiter. Dieses wird unter anderem in der Karteikarte "

msgid ""
"The name of the new account. The account will be created in the database "
"with the proper access rights. Privacy restrictions are currently hardcoded "
"to membership in the PostgreSQL group \"gm-doctors\". You can use the name "
"of an existing account but it must not be used by any other staff member yet."
msgstr ""
"Der Name für den neuen Datenbanknutzer. Das Nutzerkonto wird in der "
"Datenbank mit den passenden Zugriffsrechten angelegt. Die Rechte sind "
"gegenwärtig auf Mitgliedschaft in der Datenbankgruppe \"gm-doctors\" "
"festgelegt. Sie können auch eine bestehendes Nutzerkonto verwenden. Dieses "
"darf aber nicht bereits einem anderen Mitarbeiter zugeordnet sein."

msgid ""
"Enlisting staff is a priviledged operation.\n"
"You need to enter the password for the database administrator \"gm-dbo\" "
msgstr ""
"Mitarbeiter aufzunehmen ist eine zugangsbeschränkte Funktion.\n"
"Sie müssen hier das Passwort des Datenbankverwalters \"gm-dbo\" eingeben."

msgid ""
"Enlist this person as staff member and associate it with the given database "
msgstr ""
"Den aktiven Patienten mit dem angegebenen Datenbanknutzer als Mitarbeiter "

msgid "Cancel this dialog, do not enlist new staff member.,"
msgstr "Abbrechen, nicht als Mitarbeiter aufnehmen."

msgid "None"
msgstr "Keine"

msgid "Save as a new allergy or update the allergy that is selected above."
msgstr ""
"Die neue Allergie bzw. die Änderungen an der oben gewählten Allergie "

msgid "Unknown: It is not known whether any allergies exist in this patient."
msgstr "Unbekannt: Es ist nicht bekannt, ob der Patient Allergien hat."

msgid "The document type, usually in Englisch."
msgstr "Der Dokumententyp, zumeist auf Englisch."

msgid "The list of currently existing staff members."
msgstr "Liste der jetzigen Mitarbeiter."

msgid ""
"Short alias for the GNUmed staff member. Must be unique for this system."
msgstr "Kürzel für diesen Mitarbeiter. Muß in diesem System eindeutig sein."

msgid ""
"The database account for this GNUmed staff member. Note that you cannot "
"change your *own* database account."
msgstr ""
"Das Datenbankkonto für diesen Mitarbeiter. Ihr *eigenes* Datenbankkonto "
"können Sie nicht .ändern !"

msgid "A short comment on this GNUmed staff member."
msgstr "Ein kurzer Kommentar zu diesem Mitarbeiter."

msgid ""
"Save modified employee details. You will need to know the password for the "
"GNUmed database administrator <gm-dbo>."
msgstr ""
"Modifizierte Details speichern. Sie müssen das Passwort für <gm-dbo> (den "
"Administrator der GNUmed-Datenbank) kennen."

msgid ""
"Activate selected employee. You will need to know the password for the "
"GNUmed database administrator <gm-dbo>."
msgstr ""
"Den gewählten Mitarbeiter aktivieren.  Sie müssen das Passwort für <gm-dbo> "
"(den Administrator der GNUmed-Datenbank) kennen."

msgid ""
"Deactivate selected employee. You will need to know the password for the "
"GNUmed database administrator <gm-dbo>."
msgstr ""
"Den gewählten Mitarbeiter deaktivieren. Sie müssen das Passwort für <gm-dbo> "
"(den Administrator der GNUmed-Datenbank) kennen."

msgid ""
"Entirely remove the staff entry (including the database account). This will "
"only be possible if no patient data was aved under this account. If any data "
"exists the entry will be deactivated only. You will need to know the "
"password for the GNUmed database administrator <gm-dbo>."
msgstr ""
"Den gewählten Mitarbeitereintrag komplett entfernen (einschließlich "
"Datenbankkonto). Dies ist nur möglich, wenn unter diesem Konto keine "
"Patientendaten gespeichert worden sind. Sollten Daten vorliegen, wird der "
"Eintrag lediglich deaktiviert. Sie müssen das Passwort für <gm-dbo> (den "
"Administrator der GNUmed-Datenbank) kennen."

msgid ""
"Enter the Reason For Encounter here. This is the patient's initial request "
"which led to the consultation."
msgstr ""
"Geben Sie den Beratungsanlaß ein. Hier handelt es sich um das zur "
"Konsultation führende Anliegen des Patienten."

msgid ""
"Enter the Consultation Summary here. This is your final assessment of the "
"encounter/consultation summary."
msgstr ""
"Geben Sie die Zusammenfassung zur Konsultation ein. Es handelt sich um Ihre "
"krankeitsübergreifende Gesamtzusammenfassung."

msgid "Select the foundational health issue this episode belongs to."
msgstr "Wählen Sie die Grunderkrankung, zu der diese Episode gehört."

msgid "allergic state"
msgstr "Allergiestatus"

msgid "activating patient from report result"
msgstr "aktiviere Patienten aus Analyseergebnis"

msgid "Thank you for your contribution to the GNUmed community !"
msgstr "Vielen Dank für Ihren Beitrag zur GNUmed-Gemeinschaft !"

msgid "GNUmed report results:"
msgstr "Analyseergebnisse:"

msgid ""
"Are you sure you really, positively want\n"
"to disable the following patient ?\n"
" %s %s %s\n"
" born %s\n"
msgstr ""
"Sind Sie sicher, daß Sie den folgenden Patienten\n"
"wirklich und tatsächlich deaktivieren wollen ?\n"
" %s %s %s\n"
" geboren %s\n"

msgid ""
"You want to associate the running episode:\n"
" \"%(new_epi_name)s\" (%(new_epi_start)s - %(new_epi_end)s)\n"
"with the foundational health issue:\n"
" \"%(issue_name)s\"\n"
"There already is another episode running\n"
"for this foundational isssue:\n"
" \"%(old_epi_name)s\" (%(old_epi_start)s - %(old_epi_end)s)\n"
"However, there can only be one running\n"
"episode per foundational health issue.\n"
"Which episode do you want to close ?"
msgstr ""
"Sie wollen die laufende Episode:\n"
" \"%(new_epi_name)s\" (%(new_epi_start)s - %(new_epi_end)s)\n"
"der Grunderkrankung:\n"
" \"%(issue_name)s\"\n"
"zuordnen. Zu dieser Grunderkrankung gibt\n"
"es bereits eine andere laufende Episode:\n"
" \"%(old_epi_name)s\" (%(old_epi_start)s - %(old_epi_end)s)\n"
"Pro Grunderkrankung kann es jedoch\n"
"nur eine laufende Episode geben.\n"
"Welche Episode wollen Sie beenden ?"

msgid ""
"GNUmed detected that parts of it are not\n"
"properly insalled. The following message\n"
"names the missing part:\n"
" \"%s\"\n"
"Please make sure to get the missing\n"
"parts installed. Otherwise some of the\n"
"functionality will not be accessible."
msgstr ""
"GNUmed mußte feststellen, daß einige Module nicht\n"
"installiert sind. Die folgende Meldung weist\n"
"auf die fehlenden Module hin:\n"
" \"%s\"\n"
"Installieren Sie die fehlenden Module nach\n"
"denn sonst werden einige Funktionen von\n"
"GNUmed nicht verfügbar sein."

msgid "Choose the plugins to load per workplace."
msgstr "Die pro Arbeitsplatz zu ladenden Module wählen."

msgid "Edit the list of staff"
msgstr "Die Liste der Mitarbeiter bearbeiten"

msgid "Register a new patient with this practice"
msgstr "Neuen Patienten in dieser Praxis registrieren"

msgid "Enlist as staff"
msgstr "Als Mitarbeiter aufnehmen"

msgid "Export demographics of current patient into GDT file."
msgstr "Stammdaten des aktiven Patienten als GDT-Datei exportieren."

msgid ""
"Do you want GNUmed to show the consultation\n"
"details editor when changing the active patient ?"
msgstr ""
"Soll GNUmed beim Wechseln des aktiven Patienten\n"
"den Editor für die Konsultation anzeigen ?"

msgid "Yes, show the consultation editor if it seems appropriate."
msgstr "Ja, die Konsultation ändern lassen, wenn dies nötig scheint."

msgid "No, never show the consultation editor even if it would seem useful."
msgstr ""
"Nein, die Konsultation nicht editieren lassen, nicht einmal, wenn es "
"sinnvoll erschiene."

msgid ""
"When a patient is activated GNUmed checks the\n"
"age of the most recent consultation.\n"
"If that consultation is younger than this age\n"
"the existing consultation will be continued.\n"
"(If it is really old a new consultation is\n"
" started, or else GNUmed will ask you.)\n"
msgstr ""
"Beim Aufruf eines Patienten prüft GNUmed, wie\n"
"lange die letzte Konsultation zurückliegt.\n"
"Ist diese Konsultation noch jünger als das\n"
"hier angegeben Alter, wird sie fortgesetzt.\n"
"(Wenn sie sehr lange her ist, wird eine neue\n"
" begonnen, ansonsten fragt GNUmed nach.)\n"

msgid ""
"When a patient is activated GNUmed checks the\n"
"age of the most recent consultation.\n"
"If that consultation is older than this age\n"
"GNUmed will always start a new consultation.\n"
"(If it is very recent the existing consultation\n"
" is continued, or else GNUmed will ask you.)\n"
msgstr ""
"Beim Aufruf eines Patienten prüft GNUmed, wie\n"
"lange die letzte Konsultation zurückliegt.\n"
"Ist diese Konsultation schon älter als das hier\n"
"hier angegeben Alter, wird eine neue begonnen.\n"
"(Wenn sie noch sehr jung ist, wird die Konultation\n"
" fortgesetzt, ansonsten fragt GNUmed nach.)\n"

msgid ""
"At any time there can only be one open (ongoing) episode\n"
"for each foundational health issue.\n"
"When you try to open (add data to) an episode on a health\n"
"issue GNUmed will check for an existing open episode on\n"
"that issue. If there is any it will check the age of that\n"
"episode. The episode is closed if it has been dormant (no\n"
"data added, that is) for the period of time (in days) you\n"
"set here.\n"
"If the existing episode hasn't been dormant long enough\n"
"GNUmed will consult you what to do.\n"
"Enter maximum episode dormancy in DAYS:"
msgstr ""
"Es kann stets nur eine offene (andauernde) Episode\n"
"pro Grunderkrankung geben.\n"
"Beim Aktivieren einer Episode prüft GNUmed, ob für\n"
"die zugehörige Grunderkrankung bereits eine andere\n"
"Episode aktiv ist, deren Alter dann überprüft wird.\n"
"Wenn sie für mehr als die hier (in Tagen) angegebene\n"
"Zeit brachlag (keine Daten hinzugefügt), wird die\n"
"alte aktive Episode beendet.\n"
"Falls die existierende aktive Episode nicht lange\n"
"genug brachlag, fragt GNUmed um Rat.\n"
"Geben Sie die maximale Ruhezeit in TAGEN ein:"

msgid "Text search of entire EMR"
msgstr "Textsuche in der Karteikarte"

msgid ""
"Search term was: \"%s\"\n"
"Search results:\n"
msgstr ""
"Suchbegriff war: \"%s\"\n"

msgid "Edit corresponding consultation"
msgstr "Zugehörige Konsultation bearbeiten"

msgid "no reference ID found"
msgstr "keine Referenznummer gefunden"

msgid "The content is invalid. It must match the pattern: [%s]"
msgstr "Die Eingabe ist ungültig. Sie muß dem Muster [%s] genügen."

msgid ""
"\t\tWelcome %(title)s %(lname)s !\n"
"\tBelow find the new messages in your Inbox.\n"
msgstr ""
"\t\tWillkommen %(title)s %(lname)s !\n"
"\tUntenstehend finden Sie die eingegangenen Nachrichten.\n"

msgid ""
"Supposedly there are unreviewed documentsfor patient [%s]. However, I cannot "
"findthat patient in the GNUmed database."
msgstr ""
"Es sollen unbewertete Dokumente für den Patienten [%s] existieren.\n"
"Dieser Patient kann aber nicht in der GNUmed-Datenbank gefunden werden."

msgid "Enter a descriptive name for the new episode:"
msgstr "Geben Sie der neuen Episode einen aussagekräftigen Namen:"

msgid "Cannot save a new episode without a name."
msgstr "Kann eine neue Episode nicht ohne Namen speichern."

msgid "Activating GNUmed staff member."
msgstr "Mitarbeiter aktivieren."

msgid "Deactivating GNUmed staff member."
msgstr "Mitarbeiter deaktivieren."

msgid "Modifying GNUmed staff member."
msgstr "Mitarbeiter bearbeiten."

msgid "Modifying GNUmed staff member"
msgstr "Mitarbeiter bearbeiten"

msgid "Report Generator"
msgstr "Analysator"

msgid "chronological journal"
msgstr "chronologisches Journal"

msgid "Edit demographics"
msgstr "Personalien ändern"

msgid "provider inbox"
msgstr "Posteingang Mitarbeiter"

msgid "Show &archived documents"
msgstr "archivierte &Dokumente zeigen"

msgid "field content"
msgstr "Feldinhalt"

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