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BC billing data source was Re: [Gnumed-devel] slave mode scripts

From: Jim Busser
Subject: BC billing data source was Re: [Gnumed-devel] slave mode scripts
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2010 16:40:42 -0700

On 2010-07-13, at 11:36 AM, Karsten Hilbert wrote:

> Reading pycommon/ might help, too.

Some original ideas boiled down... specification for the external data file at 

Much of what I need could be achieved by just extending the "external patient 
sources" which GNUmed already knows and can already read. If all I want is to 
be able to invoke a patient in GNUmed from the outside this makes a lot of 
sense. It could be debugged from within the client - just hit F2 and select the 
patient from among the choices. I think this will need a new XDT file to be 
created to "map" to the specification below, and for this XDT to be reference 
in the local user config file?

The ONLY remaining part would then be to get the already-existing ??? to tell the client to *now* look for a new external 

This is less a need for the clinician unless the patient had not before been 
created in GNUmed *and* the doctor is logged onto the billing software. It is 
more a need for the front desk who (in a small office) does both billing and 

Would such "GNUmed being told to look"  still depend on a running slave 
instance to be "controlled"?

        Example of what is possible to extend the above to do:


British Columbia billing program particulars...

Jim's notes:

- source directory will reside on a Windows NTFS file system volume.
- end-of-Record will be designated by Carriage Return and Line Feed
- character set is "plain Western" (ISO Latin 1)
- record mockup:

FIRSTNAME           XXLASTNAME                 912345677300BC    
 2A2  604124456760489012340000000002009071307801

- "PHN" + "Dependent #" + "Carrier ID" (in the above example "9123456773", 
"00", BC") work together as an identifier

- format specification:

*-- MSVAEX30.TXT format
*-- First Name          X(20)  No punctuations ( e.g. John Allen)
*-- MSP Initials        X(02)  e.g. JA
*-- Last Name           X(25)
*-- PHN                 9(10)
*-- Dependent #         9(02)  66 for newborn, otherwise zeros
*-- Carrier ID          X(02)  Province providing coverage:
*--                            BC, AB, SA, MB, ON, PQ, OI, NB, NS, NL, YT, NT, 
*-- Exempt              X(01)  "X" for exempt, otherwise blank
*-- Opted-out           X(01)  "H" for Hard (Send payment to patient address)
*--                            "S" for Soft (Send paymant to office address)
*--                            Blank for Opted-in
*-- Visits Used         9(02)  # of MSP visits used this calendar year, form 
zero up
*--                            to 12 0r 15 depending on age.
*-- Birthdate           9(08)  ccyymmdd
*-- Payee #             9(05)  
*-- Practitioner #      9(05)
*-- Sex                 X(01)  M, F
*-- Chart #             X(08)
*-- Street 1            X(25)
*-- Street 2            X(25)
*-- City                X(25)
*-- Province            X(02)
*-- Postal Code         X(09) A0A'b'0A0 or US Zip Code
*-- Home Phone          9(10) If no area code use 3 leading zeros
*-- Work Phone          9(10) If no area code use 3 leading zeros
*-- SIN                 9(09)
*-- Last Service Date   9(08) ccyymmdd
*-- Referral Doctor     9(05)
*-- Record size = 220 + <CR><LF> = 222 End-of-Record designated by Carriage 
Return and Line Feed. 
*-- File is ASCII text - Named "MSVAEX30.TXT"
*-- X(n) = Aplhanumeric, left justified, padded with blanks
*-- 9(n) = Numeric, leading zeros

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