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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Family History tables

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Family History tables
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 11:45:45 -0700

Splicing some parts of this thread:


> I think we should not overly intertwine the two:
>       - genetic relationship linking
> vs
>       - family *history* items
> despite the latter depending on the former.


> one needs to take a hard look at how the
> genealogy applications do it.


> What if I want to share my alcoholism with my son but not
> with my daughter ?
> This can be solved by this postulate:
>> 3) Multiple FamID is possible
> The result is likely to be a crazy maze of FamIDs.


>> - rows which are created based on *self-report* of the
>> patient should not link to the source person -- even if the
>> person existed in GNUmed
> Based on the above implementing family history tables
> actually becomes *easier*.



- we will agree "family" does not (in the EMR design) include personally 
significant non-blood relatives (for example "spouse") who we would normally 
keep in the demographics' social network

- in the demographics' social network,  presently the tooltip implies the 
ability to
                "Link another person in this database as the Emergency contact"
        but this functionality is not yet active, is it?
        also the buttons "Remove" and "Activate" are not yet active, right?

- non-blood relatives may have significance in terms of transmissible diseases, 
however this is best modelled by identical matches on demographic address 

- genealogical relationships in GNUmed could be modelled using ideas from (1997) which modelling seems to be 
built around persons who are *in* the database at the time

- and relationship records would be distinct from family history *items* each 
of which may (or may not) populate an f-key to an actual person in GNUmed (or 
woudl it be an f-key to a genealogical relationship record?) … and a separate 
field which specifies the relationship (maternal grandmother etc) to the 
patient, which can be populated from patient self-report even when this 
grandmother was not created in GNUmed?

- what about when the patient just remembers "it was an uncle" but cannot 
remember maternal or paternal or at what age?

- if we would build, for any patient, a list of genealogical relationships to 
particular people then those people should have to be created as people in 
GNUmed, yes?

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