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Re: [Gnumed-devel] Document parts display

From: Jim Busser
Subject: Re: [Gnumed-devel] Document parts display
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2011 08:29:35 -0700

On 2011-06-27, at 5:08 AM, Karsten Hilbert wrote:

>> What happens on Debian and Ubuntu when this part is double-clicked? Does a
>> window open to display "missing" in *addition* to the Edit Area window
>> opening?
> Yes, it shows just fine for me.

So, this is the problem for the OS

        "How do I decide in what application to open this"

if, on attempted opening, no obvious hint is provided? Some OS achieve this 
through mapped file extensions (.PDF) and the Mac OS additionally manages at t 
he file level bits referred to as "creator" and "kind" however this no doubt 
falls apart when an object is created by a script into a database object "blob".

Any idea how Debian "decides" how to open the text blob "missing"?

Does postgres somehow communicate (to Debian) what "kind of blob content" is 
being passed to the OS? If yes, maybe I can google some way Mac OS can also 
understand such instructions.

-- Jim

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