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[Gnump3d-users] WMA in gnump3d

From: David Bosque
Subject: [Gnump3d-users] WMA in gnump3d
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 21:05:04 +0100


I  am  trying  to get gnump3d to convert wma's to mp3 and stream it.

So  far I've been looking at ways of converting wma to mp3 offline. On
debian I've had to install mplayer and w32codecs.

After that, a simple conversion would go like this:

mplayer $FILENAME -ao pcm
lame audiodump.wav $FILENAME.mp3
rm audiodump.wav

Now  for  the on-the-fly conversion... I have searched and read around
and  I  can't  find  how to make mplayer write its output to stdout so
that I can pipe through lame.

I've  tried  using a fifo to send mplayer's output there and make lame
read from there:

rm -f /tmp/fifo/wma2mp3;mkfifo --mode=777 /tmp/fifo/wma2mp3
/usr/bin/lame  -b  128  /tmp/fifo/wma2mp3  test.mp3 &
mplayer $FILENAME.wma -speed 1 -ao pcm:file=/tmp/fifo/wma2mp3

That does work.

The  problem  is  I  don't know how to put it in gnump3d.conf, as I do
want the lame processes to be killed when I stop playing a song

I  have  tried  several combinations but nothing. The closest I got to
something was this:

downsample_high_wma = /usr/bin/mplayer $FILENAME -speed 1 -ao 
pcm:file=/tmp/fifo/wma2mp3 | /usr/bin/lame -b 128 --silent -h /tmp/fifo/wma2mp3 

...which  streams "noise" in mp3 ;-). Any smarter ideas? If I knew how
to  make  mplayer  output  to  a  pipe...that would make it... Another
possibility would be some tips on the -ao options in mplayer...



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