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Re: [GNUnet-developers] slocate

From: Niklas Höglund
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] slocate
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 12:56:37 +0200
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jan marco alkema wrote:

Hello Igor,

Basically, what Jan wants is a distributed global database or filesystem
that contains all the information in the world. This database is built of
nodes that provide different sorts of information. In Jan's scenario, the
owner of the node should be able to specify how his node is used, who uses
it, perhaps ability to set prices on different services or content provided,
and security/anonymity levels for content. Also, Jan would want the system
to incorporate existing protocols such as ftp seamlessly, and choose
transport mechanism according to the level of anonymity required either by
the recipient, the content, or the provider, allowing for maximum
efficiency/security tradeoff with minimum redundancy. Whatever information
available should be easily importable/exportable to/from Jan's system.

You made a perfect description of my ideas. Igor, Thank you for this --)

This should probably be built as a separate application on top of gnunet, ftp, gnutella, ...

I will go futher with an "end users" view:

I looked at the GTK GUI of Gnunet. It is easy to use for end users.

The biggest problem I see for Gnunet AFS protocol is the speed of
transferring a file. I have downloaded 3 files and 1 is still in progress
(after 12 hours).  The BPS (bits pro second) in GTK screen are 3.3 ; 12.3 ;
35.7 ; 46.3 !!!!!

I agree that the speed is a problem, but as you say maybe it can be improved.

Maybe this slow bits rates can be accelerated, but if you want an acceptable
tool you need speed. In my opinion everything what can be shared without
problem should be set to "not AFS", like ftp.

The problem with protocols like FTP is that when things get overloaded it doesn't work any longer, while in gnunet the file would be propagated to other nodes automatically. This could make gnunet faster than FTP. Just look at what happens in gnutella when many people try to download a popular file from a single source. You have to wait for days before the download even starts.

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