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[GNUnet-developers] Ideas and questions

From: Milan
Subject: [GNUnet-developers] Ideas and questions
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 23:10:26 +0100
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Several points I wished to ask you about:

* Canonical's Launchpad ( has an easy-to-use tool to
translate free software. Users can propose and/or validate translations
using a nice Web interface, and this is quite easy for them to do even
when they don't know how to work with .po files. Do you think we should
use it? I can have a look at how this is done and create an account for
that, it could bring us a broader language support.

* In gnunet-gtk/pixmaps/icons, there is a script called
icon-theme-installer that should process the 5 icons placed there and
install them to standard system icon dirs. It only needs a short
directive in the and a line in the root to
include it. I'm really bad a these, and I filed to do this easy trick.
Would someone that understands something to autotools simply have a look
at the detailed instructions (with an example in the header
of the script and adapt the few strings that should?
This would help packagers because ATM they all have to do the same thing
with tricks, and our icon is only installed in one size, an not in
standard system dirs. With that gnunet-gtk is even reading for eye-candy
taskbars! gnunet-qt should be able to use it without any modification
since it's a standard.

* When is 0.8 to be released? I see there is nice (and hard) work going
on, and my idea is not to complain about anything... ;-) I'd just like
to have an idea about whether we can try to get it into Fedora 9 and
Ubuntu 8.04, which are due on april (respectively beginning and end).
This is important because else the network will be partly broken for the
next 6 month. For Ubuntu, I can try to make it come in by warning the
Debian packagers and request a sync in Ubuntu before the complete
package freeze: this should not be a big problem since gnunet is a beta
software used by users that know what they do.
So if you think this fits your timeline, I'll try to see what can be
done - else, people will use backports, that's not the end of the world...

Cheers and good hacking

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