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Re: [GNUnet-developers] GSoC: Binary package distribution through GnuNet

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] GSoC: Binary package distribution through GnuNet (report 2)
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 15:51:07 +0200
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Dear Remi,

Thanks for the update, and Guile's lack of support for unions does sound
like it would cause a painful diversion -- glad to hear you
managed to navigate it nevertheless.

Maybe Ludo, me and you can have a brief mid-term chat over Mumble
sometime 'soon'? I would like to discuss what adjustments we might
want to make to the original roadmap and hear from you if we can do
something to improve your mentoring situation.

I can do pretty much any evening next week around 9pm.

Happy hacking!


On 06/25/2015 01:02 PM, Rémi Birot-Delrue wrote:
> Hello GnuNet!
> Here’s my second report on the “Guix through GnuNet” project. I am still
> working on the GnuNet bindings: it’s been a much harder and longer work
> than I thought, but the trickiest parts are done (for instance, Guile
> had no utility to handle unions, therefore I had to write one to handle
> the struct GNUNET_FS_ProgressInfo).
> The main data structures (URIs, configuration handles, metadata…) have
> been bound and tested, the scheduler has also be bound. Moreover, the
> dependency on GOOPS as well as the need of separated C library have been
> completely removed.
> Code for the bindings are available on the Savannah repository:
> You’ll find, in the file `examples/search.scm`, a loose clone of the
> `gnunet-search` utility that shows the (uncomplete) API.
> These next days, I’ll complete the bindings (upload & download, more
> metadata, some syntactic sugar if needed) and start designing the next
> step: how to share packages through GnuNet.
> Testing the bindings
> ————————————————————
> You’ll need a working GnuNet installation, of course, and Guile (which
> is probably already installed on your computer, as it is often needed by
> GNU Make).
> First, we assure Guile finds libgnunet — a step only necessary if you
> installed Gnunet in a directory outside ld’s path:
>     $ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/.guix-profile/lib/"
> The gnunet-search clone currently accepts no argument other than the
> keywords of the search, and will start a 5 second search on them. As I
> do not advise yet installing the bindings in your system, we have to
> execute `search.scm` from the repository’s root (otherwise, Guile won’t
> find the bindings). Here’s an example:
>     $ echo "hi gnunet!" > foo.txt
>     $ gnunet-publish foo.txt
>     Publishing `/home/remi/foo.txt' done.
>     URI is `gnunet://fs/chk/R2VQDF2ORAIV9JJS6HQVAHTSQJ04VF7U599MJCFSG…'.
>     $ git clone git://
>     […]
>     $ cd gnunet/
>     $ examples/search.scm "foo"
>     gnunet-download -o "foo.txt" gnunet://fs/chk/R2VQDF2ORAIV9JJS6HQV…'.
>   ————
> As usual, if you have any question, suggestion or remark, please do not
> hesitate to contact me! (through email or IRC; nick remi`bd)
> Good afternoon,

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