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Re: [GNUnet-developers] Make "gnunet-arm -e" not hang

From: Alessio Vanni
Subject: Re: [GNUnet-developers] Make "gnunet-arm -e" not hang
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2019 21:28:02 +0200
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Christian Grothoff <address@hidden> writes:

> Right now, my best idea is to modify GNUNET_PROGRAM_run() to detect "is
> ARM running" by asking it which services are running, and if we fail to
> detect the ARM listen socket, we give up hard.  Furthermore, we could
> pass information to GNUNET_PROGRAM_run() which subset of services ARM
> must support (via autostart or have launched), and again give up if the
> required service(s) are not in the set.

If you decide to go with this approach, I'd suggest also adding some
kind of similar detection to `GNUNET_SERVICE_run_'.  Because non-GNUnet
services are not started by ARM, they have to be started like clients
(with or without the "-d" option) ending up with the same issues as
gnunet-arm/GNS/other tools.

It is (probably) not strictly needed for a client/service pair that
doesn't connect to GNUnet services, but it is reasonable to expect some
of them to use services like GNS, IDENTITY or CADET, and if the service
is not running, everything hangs.  In fact, an application I'm
developing has a service opening a CADET port and channels to
communicate with other peers when requested by the user, so there is at
least that one (if I get to complete it.)


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