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GNUnet PoWs hashfunction

From: Schanzenbach, Martin
Subject: GNUnet PoWs hashfunction
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2020 09:28:43 +0200

Hello *,

while writing the specification LSD0001 for GNS, we also address the 
proof-of-work function for zone revocations.
Currently, we use scrypt [0].

Now, there are (not so) new alternatives such as argon2 [1] which claim to 
offer better resistance against AISCs and other custom hardware.

The parameters for Argon2 work a bit differently than for scrypt.
It primarily has:

1. Number of iterations
2. Memory
3. Parallelism (threads)

I am currently implementing the PoW [2] with the following parameters:

1. Iterations: 3 (default)
2. Memory: 1 MiB (so that devices with little memory can still verify the PoW)
3. Parallelism: 1 (none)

I left the WORKBITS (difficulty) for the GNS Zone Revocation PoW unchanged at 

Ideally, the PoW should take ~1 week. I am not sure yet if the chosen 
parameters fit this requirements.
If you have any input on parameter choice or can run a revocation (with the 
argon2 code from that branch) on your device with 17-25 WORKBITS that would 
help greatly.
You will need to have libargon2 installed.



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