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gnunet-go: Milestone #3 reached [update]

From: Bernd Fix
Subject: gnunet-go: Milestone #3 reached [update]
Date: Tue, 26 May 2020 09:21:18 +0000
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> (3) Install required dependencies:
> ----------------------------------
> $ go get -u
> $ go get -u
> $ go get -u
> $ go get -u

Additional dependencies are used in Milestone #3:

go get -u
go get -u
go get -u

All three modules are used as alternative key/value store
implementations; at least one is required (and used) by the revocation
service to store known revocation data.

> (6) Run the gnunet-go-revocation service:
> -----------------------------------------
> * Copy the file "<repo>/src/config/gnunet-config.json" to the folder you
> want to use as the working directory for the service. This is the config
> file for Go-based GNUnet services. You can look at it (it is very small
> at the moment), but there should be no need to change something.

Please not the entry "storage" in the configration section "revocation":
This specifies what persistance mechanism for revocation data will be
used. It is preset to use a local Redis store (db=15). Please change
according to your needs.

Alternatively a SQLite3 or MySQL database can be used. Make sure that a
table "store" exists in the database with two string fields "key" and
"value" of appropriate size.

Cheers, Bernd.

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