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Re: NSOpenGL

From: Fred Kiefer
Subject: Re: NSOpenGL
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 21:50:50 +0100
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Thomas Gamper wrote:
>> Also the usage of the union in pixel format looks strange, we need to
>> read what was set, not what suits the current GLX version.
> Could you explain in detail, please?

Oh, this is nothing complicated. What I mean is that when we create the
pixel format object. we fill in either of the union parts and we should
always use that part that was actually filled in and never the other.
The check for the GLX version does this, as the version will not change
during the runtime of the application. Still this doesn't make this
point clear. It would be easier to understand, if we had a marker in the
object, set that during initialization of the object and only used that
marker to differentiate which union member to use.

> continue to work on this code. I'm using GNUstep for my diploma thesis,
> and I have written a lot of code already, but I didn't the test
> GNUstep's opengl support really well until recently. Basically I HAD to
> fix this, otherwise I would have lost more than 2 month of work :)

It is great to hear that you are actively using GNUstep.


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