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Commant on GNUStep

From: Matjaz Mihelic
Subject: Commant on GNUStep
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 22:21:58 +0100
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I've tryed GNUStep (tryed it once long before ver.1 came out and throw away), well as GUI lacks of applications, but I like objective C interface (it was time somebody did it, and I can't wait the real thing'll be finally out) compatible with Apple. But one or two remarks must go to you. No remarks on developers approach though (more users side "as sitting and trying app).

>Look and Feel

>While we are not fanatical about the look and feel of a system, one of the primary reasons we are all working on an >OpenStep system is the superior design and consistent interface defined in the specification.


Why are you creating your own look and feel? To add one more to *X systems or to make your "objective" stupid? Why don't you just make choosable objective interface to GTK and QT (or yours or any other), so developer could decide which one he would use. As many projects (more and more in fact) now do. Then you'd gain uniform look and feel. And you'd gain a working and flexible look and feel. The one thing about uniform is Objective API compatible with NextSTEP, or do you plan to write all system apps in GNUStep (on the other side on the same page you say it's not a System, this would mean, first active version of complete and usable desktop would come out in ... years)?

To be honest, GNOME is uniform, KDE is uniform, GNUStep is uniform, how many uniform look and feel interfaces do we really need? And how many interface specifications??? I think you even help breaking consistency of interface and helpes interface not being uniform.

What interests me most is: is there a possiblity to make GNUStep use QT or GTK or not?

>GNUstep Objectives

>The GNUstep Objectives describe the 'official' position regarding the direction and goals of GNUstep. GNUstep is a >cross-platform development environment for object-oriented tools and applications. Our primary objective is to maintain >support of GNUstep on GNU systems, UNIX systems, and other free operating systems.

Ok, free systems. But on the other hand your future plans say that you're swaping optimized (for some systems) functions for some more generic that would perform on Windows as well as *X. Since when is Windows free? This would mean lowering performance of interface on acount of proprietary systems. But you can send me free Windows anyway

Hope you won't be insulted with my remark, it was ment more like observers angle and
Congrats on good work,

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