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Welcome to invest in China!

From: Water.Kim
Subject: Welcome to invest in China!
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 00:33:59 +0800

Dear Sir or Madam,
Firstly please allow me to express my warmly compliment to you!
We are Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone, which is one of the largest 
development zones in China. Shaoxing is one of the top 24 economically dynamic 
center cities in Changjiang Yangtze River Delta as well as one of the top 30 
economically dynamic cities in China. we hope to strengthen our contact and 
cooperation especially promote you to invest in our zone and try our best to 
offer best corresponding service for you so as to promote further communion 
between us .
Our Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau is responsible for publicizing, 
attracting, explanation and service. We adhere to the working principle of 
being public, quick, and efficient. We will provide excellent investment 
environment to promote our mutual knowing and attract more enterprises to 
invest in our zone to disclose a new page on cooperation between us.   
We sincerely look forward to your visit to our zone! 

                         Paojiang Industrial Zone Foreign Investment Bureau   

Contactor: Water.Kim
Add: Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone Foreign Investment Promotion Bureau, 
Zhejiang Province
P. C. 312071
E-MAIL: address@hidden  

Key Points of Investment in Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone
*Name: Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone                            
*Time of setting up: July 2000
*Geographic Location: Shaoxing Paojiang Industrial Zone is situated in the 
southeast coast of China and the central & northern part of Zhejiang Province 
and is close to Shanghai,Suzhou, Hang Zhou and 20 kms away from Xiao Shan 
International Airport Hang Zhou.
*Area & Population: Shaoxing covers an area of 8,256 square kilometers with 
4.32 million people inclusive of a population of 0.1 million and 80 square 
kilometers in Paojiang (65square kilometers under construction).
*Climate & living condition: Located in the sub-tropical monsoon climate zone, 
Shaoxing has four distinctive seasons, humid air and amiable climate, with an 
average temperate of 16.2-16.5°C around the year. Shaoxing is an exemplary city 
of national environmental protection and is fit for living. 
*Infrastructure facilities: The infrastructure facilities such as road, power, 
telecommunication, cable TV, water supply, rainwater, sewage, and heat supply 
are available in the zone.
*Criterion for the roads: All the roads in the zone are constructed as cement 
or bituminous concrete surfaces by the Administrative Committee at a density of 
2.3 kms per square kilometer with the width of 38-126 meters.
* Power supply: In the zone, there are 3 transformer substations of 0.035 
million, 0.11 million, 0.22 million volts for power bi-circuit supply charged 
at 0.475 Yuan /Kwh(0.057 US$ /Kwh).
*Water supply: National Grade A water of European drinking water standard with 
a daily supply of 0.3 million tons is available. Water supply price: Industrial 
use: 1.6 Yuan per ton (0.19 US$ / ton). The enterprises are also allowed to 
fetch the rich underground water with the price of 0.2 Yuan per ton (0.024 US$ 
/ ton).
*Sewerage capacity: The sewage pipeline network will be set up to the edge of 
the project land; the qualified wastewater shall be drained into the nearby 
pipe network. Its standard is: COD≤ 1,000; SS≤400; PH: 6-9. The heavily 
pollution to link the wastewater drainage is 1.6 Yuan per ton (0.19 US$ / ton). 
The capacity of water supply is 0.8 million ton daily.
*Heat supply: The average fee is 85 Yuan per ton (10.24 US$ / ton); Steam 
parameter: pressure: 0.7 Mpa; temperature: 250 °C.
*Land cost: The land cost for industrial items is 8-150 Yuan / sqm / 50 years 
(1-18 US$/ sqm /50 years).    
*Cost for construction:  Charged at 500 Yuan /sqm (60 US$/ sqm ) for brick 
frame structure and 400 Yuan /sqm (48.2 US$/ sqm ) for steel structure. 
Standard factory buildings are available in the zone at a rent of 5-10 Yuan/ 
sqm /month(0.6-1.2 US$ / sqm /month).
*Value-added tax and Income tax: The VAT rate is charged at 17%. The legal 
income tax rate is 33%. The income tax of the foreign-funded enterprises in 
SPIZ is 26.4%. The foreign-funded enterprises in SPIZ are totally exempt from 
income tax for two years starting from the profit-earning year, and taxed in 
half in the following 3 years. 
*Financial support: According to Shaoxing Municipal People's Government, the 
taxes including 20% of the VAT, 32% of the income tax and 64% of the local tax 
that enterprises in SPIZ should be charged will be totally refunded in the 
first two years and half be refunded from the 3rd to the 5th year; For projects 
of more than USD 3 million, the local retained portion will be refunded in the 
first five years and half be refunded from the 6th to the 10th years.
*Capital discount support: Every year, SPIZ Administrative Committee offers 
capital discount to the projects, which is in line with the municipal discount 
support terms or greatly contributing to the construction of SPIZ at a rate of 
0.5% in proportion to the capital assets of the actual investment by solely 
foreign-funded enterprises.
*Drawback for export: The VAT and consumption tax of export products shall be 
refunded in the course of domestic production and circulation at a rate of 
5%-17%. The consumption tax of export companies shall be totally refunded. 
*Customs duty free: For the projects listed in the" National Category of 
Encouraged Foreign-funded Projects", the imported equipment as an investment 
shall be exempt from Customs duty.
*Investment service: SPIZ is authorized to approve foreign-funded projects 
under USD 30 million, offering best services in the whole application & 
approval procedures with necessary documents provided by investors.
*Financial support: Financial support is available for hi-tech and 
*Salary for the staff: Shaoxing is rich in labor resources and is easy to 
recruit people. The salary for laborers is low: 600-800 Yuan/ month(72.3-96.4 
US$ /month) for skilled workers and 800-1500 Yuan/ month(96.4-180.1 US$ /month) 
for management staff.
*living Condition: Shaoxing is a state-approved China Excellent Tourism City 
and Standard Environmental Protection City. It is very fit for living and the 
price for purchasing apartments of high-class is about 3000-6000 Yuan/ sqm ( 
361.4-722.9 US$/ sqm ).


                                                 袍江工业区对外招商局  Water.Kim 敬上

联系人:  Water.Kim         地址:浙江省绍兴市袍江工业区对外招商局                  
邮编:312071                                       TEL:0086-575-8030016
H.P:0086-13588579058                    FAX:0086-575-8030015
E-MAIL :address@hidden  
★名    称:浙江省绍兴袍江工业区
★地    址:中国浙江省绍兴市
★地理位置:绍兴袍江工业区位于中国东南沿海(北纬 29°13′至30°16′,东经 
★供热能力:平均价格为85元/吨(10.24美元/吨 );蒸汽参数:压力为0.7Mpa,温度为250℃。
★土地费用:工业用地为 8-150元/ sqm /50年(1-18美元/ sqm /50年),投资规模大、技术含量高的可以优惠。
 sqm (0.6-1.2美元/月/ sqm )。
★增 值 税和所 得 
★免 关 税:符合国家外商投资项目产业目录中鼓励类的项目,外商作为投资的进口设备可以免关税。
★居住情况:绍兴是经国家批准的首批中国优秀旅游城市和全国环境保护模范城市,非常适合居住,高档住宅购买价约3000-6000元/ sqm 
(361.4-722.9美元/ sqm )。

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