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Re: Beta-test new site design, was: Status of the "new" GNUstep website?

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: Beta-test new site design, was: Status of the "new" GNUstep website?
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2004 23:14:07 +0000

On 2004-01-11 19:03:15 +0000 Scott Stevenson <address@hidden> wrote:

That's just my opinion. We're truly splitting hairs here, so I don't think it's a big deal.

OK. See what you think after the next update goes through. Probably tomorrow.

I realize there are some problems with Netscape in general, but does this apply to that particular 'getting started' table? It's very simple -- even NS4 shouldn't have a problem.

NS4 doesn't seem to know &bull; and I'm not very surprised: it's not one I'd seen before.

I think 1 point should be roughly 1/72in on all displays. If it isn't, the display is misconfigured.
That's the way things "should" be, but it's just not the reality. It even varies from browser to browser on the same OS. It's not a critical issue, just can cause some unappealing font sizes to manifest.

I don't know about your system, but 12px isn't that great here ;-) If your system knows the dpi of its screen and you set the size in points, 1 point should measure 1 point, regardless.

Ask your browser to display a 72pt pipe symbol (<p style="font-size: 72pt">|</p>). Get a ruler and measure it. Is it 1 inch long? If not, that's wrong.
This isn't a useful test because high density displays (certain laptops) will nullify the results. Pixels as a unit gives you the system's font size representation, rather than the browser's interpretation of it.

If it's a high density display, the pixels are smaller and the dpi correspondingly higher. The 72pt bar should still be 1in long. If it isn't, the system is broken and there's not a lot that you can do to help them until they fix it. I know that users with broken systems have been the source of frustration for CSS authors, but authors who use that px sizing is a good idea frustrate me. I have a high density display on my main machine and my eyesight isn't good enough to find 12px text comfortable. If you only have 12 little lights to play with on my screen, your letters aren't going to be very sharp.

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