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Re: Beta-test new site design, was: Status of the "new" GNUstep website?

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: Beta-test new site design, was: Status of the "new" GNUstep website?
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 20:56:24 +0000

Main list dropped from ccs.

On 2004-01-10 20:12:51 +0000 Scott Stevenson <address@hidden> wrote:

1. Header image (gnustep-header15.jpg) is set to 560 width, actual image is 660 wide

I should be using gnustep-header14.jpg, which I've trimmed 100 pixels from, as suggested by largo. If not, that's a bug. Which page?

2. Unless the browser window is set to a small size, there's a huge gap between the two columns in 'getting started' now that the table has been replaced with a list. This has also caused the left column to "touch" the edge of the browser window in some browsers. 3. The bullets are too far left in the news section (again, list vs table) 4. In both news and getting started, the bullets are supposed to be indented from the header text in order to "frame" the content. I think it makes the whole thing easier to read. I really think we should revert these two sections back to tables.

This needs some work yet, but we *must* use lists for lists. Table and &bull; for lists is a bit evil, because it's not using honest and accurate markup. It doesn't look right in some common browsers and is a bit nasty for unusual browsers (like talking ones). I need to figure out what a good way to center the right-hand column is. Any suggestions?

The bullet positioning error is probably something from largo's IE fixes, top line of the CSS. I'll try to reset the right property to a good value. Does anyone know which it is, or shall I use trial and error?

And this may be personal taste issue, but I think the 'current packages' section looks better on the main site. The huge size of the text doesn't seem as elegant.

It's not that huge to me in Firebird. Maybe it needs dropping a size? I made it a header because it is a header and the line wrap on the current version is ugly to me.


1. I see you've changed the font-size to points from pixels. Is this to get platform-relative sizes?

Yes. It works fine for me in Firebird. Maybe your screen or browser dpi is wrong? Using 12px text gets complaints from huge screen resolution users. Using bigger pixel size text gets complaints from small resolution users. I think pixels are worse than points, worst of all worlds.

Normally I use %, but I've not had time to find the right settings for this site. If you have suggestions, I'd appreciate them.

2. I think there's a bit too much spacing between elements in the sidebar. Maybe take line-height down a bit more?

Will do. What would you suggest?

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