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From: Alex Perez
Subject: page consistency...
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2004 15:30:10 -0800 (PST)


Now that's new layout is live, I've got a few niggly things 
that are bothering me that I'd like to address:

1. The "Supported Platforms" page does not retain the page layout of the 
rest of the site. This is bad practice, IMHO. I have already made 
modifications to fix this, but since this is a texi2html-generated 
document, I don't want to committ until I talk to gou guys about it.

2. I don't want to offend whoever wrote them, but the "About GNUstep" and 
"Mission Statement" pages feel weird to sounds like someone is 
having a conversation with you, and seems way too casual of a way to 
convey this information. There's a lot of needless information in there 
IMHO, and unless anyone is opposed to it, I'd like to have a try at 
rewording it in a slightly more professional/distanced manner.

3. Ah...crap..time to leave work..I'll send a followup later :)

Alex Perez

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